IoT institute to cap digital park

IoT institute to cap digital park

In a bid to drive the country's digital economy ecosystem, the government plans to set up an Internet of Things (IoT) institute and a big data analytics centre this year.

IoT has become a new business and digital facilitator that could potentially boost the country's competitiveness and economic development.

The big data analytics centre will enable the government to collect and utilise more efficiently the abundant digital data of state agencies for the public's benefit. The synthesised data should enable the government to make better decisions across multiple fronts.

Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak said the IoT institute will be established as an extension of the government's digital innovation park in Chon Buri province.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DE), which is responsible for the digital park, has been assigned as the main agency tasked with setting up the IoT institute, while the National Statistical Office will help spearhead the development of the government's big data analytics centre.

Yesterday, Mr Somkid visited the DE Ministry to follow up on development of the government's digital economy policy.

While several projects on the digital economy roadmap remain on track, Mr Somkid urged the DE Ministry to seriously work on infrastructure development and create added-value through establishing e-marketplace, e-health and e-logistics platforms.

Agencies under the DE Ministry must closely collaborate and be ready for strategic moves in dealing with innovative technologies.

DE minister Pichet Durongkaveroj said the ministry plans to submit a proposal for the IoT institute and the government's big data analytics centre to the cabinet in September for approval, along with an initial budget framework for the IoT institute.

Mr Pichet said the IoT institute will be run as a consortium, comprising the DE Ministry, universities and other private sector players, especially the automotive industry and research institutes, including the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center.

The ministry will hold a meeting with consortium partners this month, said Mr Pichet, adding that the research institute and universities will mainly provide knowledge and information on IoT, which will serve enterprises at the digital park, as well as the overall economy. The DE Ministry will carry out general operations at the institute and cooperate with other parties.

"IoT will be an outstanding part of the digital park, drawing investment from foreign enterprises to establish offices and exchange development in innovation with Thai tech startups, both in the park and through the government's smart cities project."

Mr Pichet said the IoT institute and smart cities development project would further attract Chinese investment.

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