Government forms to be consolidated

Government forms to be consolidated

Speaking at the summit, Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Krua-ngam says a digital government will provide more transparent services. APICHART JINAKUL
Speaking at the summit, Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Krua-ngam says a digital government will provide more transparent services. APICHART JINAKUL

Within the next four years, Thais will be able to fill a single application form online for some 300 government services, as part of the government's effort to be fully digital by 2021.

The government is in the process of digital transformation, aiming for 85% of its paper-based data to be digitised within the next four years.

At least 21 government service applications can be registered for with a single form.

"With a fully digital government by 2021, people can get transparent services that are more convenient through the government's single online application form," Visanu Krua-ngam, deputy prime minister, told audience at the Digital Government Summit 2017.

The government's e-taxation and e-donation services are part of the move towards a cashless society through automation.

In October, the cabinet approved the transfer of the Electronic Government Agency (EGA) under the Digital Economy and Society Ministry to the Prime Minister's Office, renaming it the Digital Government Agency (DGA).

"By early 2018, the EGA will be fully transformed to the DGA, which will be able to create close collaboration among states agencies," said Sak Segkhoonthod, executive board member of EGA.

In addition to the establishment of the DGA, there will be an Electronic Government Board that needs to report directly to the prime minister. With DGA operating in fiscal year 2018, it has a 1.7 billion baht budget from the existing EGA.

The DGA will cover the establishment of a government data analytics centre for the management and overseeing data across state agencies.

DGA's first-year operations will enable the government to validate 11 million poor people in the system by cross-checking with the National Credit Bureau. The Public Health minister can use the data to make a plan for healthcare services for this segment, said Mr Sak.

He said DGA will also establish a government data exchange centre to gather data and manage inter-operation among different agencies.

By 2021, Thais will be able to access data stored by any government agencies through the "Inbox Project" of the government data exchange centre, Mr Sak said.

DGA will also release the national data set, classified into confidential and open with the latter accessible to the public.

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