NTT Com Hybrid Cloud: Optimum quality, worthy investment

NTT Com Hybrid Cloud: Optimum quality, worthy investment

We are in the era when data and information are crucial for business enterprises to boost business performance. Secret data and information require optimal protection, but whenever we need them, they must be retrieved quickly and accurately. Any enterprise that enables people to utilise information and data efficiently can gain advantages in the market.

Conservation of data and information has been developed consistently, from the collection of piles of documents to the installation in computer hardware. But, the recent introduction of the Cloud system is continually catching interest from various enterprises around the world.
Mr. Sanit Kashemsanta na Ayudhaya, Director of Product & Service Department of NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides opinions of the Cloud system.
“Formerly, valuable data and information were restored at corporate-owned data centres. But, these enterprises had suffered from continual maintenance and system upgrade expenses as well as the high cost of training IT staff. It was difficult for enterprises to find a break-even point for returns on the investment.”

“After the Cloud system was introduced, enterprises have started to give their interest in the new technology.”

Cloud technology is divided into three types: Private Cloud to be deployed by business enterprises; Public Cloud, such as Azure and Amazon, which is available to the general public over the internet; and Hybrid Cloud, to combine Private Cloud with Public cloud environments.

Nowadays, leading enterprises in Thailand, such as banks and hospitals, have increasingly implemented the Cloud system, especially the Hybrid Cloud that allows users to access the resources on-demand through self-service portals.
“The Hybrid Cloud can safeguard data and information effectively, while reducing unexpected problems from data centre and bandwidth limitation. The system also helps protect data and information from probable disasters and political turmoil. Many enterprises now implement Hybrid Cloud for optimum safety of their data and information.”

“This year, the Cloud market has grown by approximately 15-20%, so NTT’s Cloud services have also expanded continually at a satisfactory rate.”

Optimum quality, worthy investment

NTT Communications specialises in data center services. NTT’s Bangkok 2 Data Center is now under construction using the Nexcenter’s international standards, from structure of the building to the management system. This will give full guarantee of SLA’s performance.
NTT’s Hybrid Cloud meets international standards of world-leading data centre businesses, which guarantees optimum operational efficiency. In addition, customers can design their operations freely, including self-operational management, selection of resources to suit their workloads and selection of preferable NTT data centre branches around the world.

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