Winning no. 1 Brand… New Lactasoy No Sugar corners the market

Winning no. 1 Brand… New Lactasoy No Sugar corners the market

Lactasoy has been a top-of-mind brand among Thai people and the country’s best selling soy milk for 36 years. Recently it also gained recognition as the no. 1 brand for the third consecutive year from Marketeer magazine. The key to its success is in its brand building strategy instigated from the beginning.

Wellbeing in Thai families is a vital concern for Lactasoy, motivating it to innovate soy milk products of the best quality with the delightfully intense flavour and natural fragrance of soy beans. The brand strictly selects only prime soy beans comparable to protein extracted from meat to produce the first-of-its-kind in Thailand nutritious drink that comes in UHT packs. Lactasoy UHT drink is produced under world class standards, right down to the manufacturing process and packaging, and is proven to be truly healthy nutrition. Other strategies combine advertising, distribution, and pricing all rolled into the right mix to reach consumers of any gender or age and has been doing so for over three decades.    

Despite the current muted economic situation,  the soy milk market remains strong, achieving 1,600 million baht in total sales. Moreover, Lactasoy has continued to expand its brand. Today it reigns as the top brand in the market and top-of-mind among Thai consumers while moving forward into international markets. Recently, the brand has re-invented its product strategy to reflect modern health concerns everywhere around the world  and respond to the Thai government’s campaign to encourage Thai people to reduce excessive sugar intake. “Lactasoy No Sugar Formula” has been invented and developed to fulfil the lifestyle aspirations of “healthoholics” whose daily routines revolve around exercise, good nutrition and moderate consumption.

Lactasoy’s market strategy focuses on a consumer base across all genders and ages. The product features packaging sizes ranging 125 ml to 1000 ml, so serving all consumer groups. The variety of sizes benefits each age groups according to their requirements. The smallest size, for instance, serves young children who only need a small quantity with a no sugar formula, helping them establish good nutritional habits. Moreover, the children gain protein intake from double sources – soy beans and milk – as well as 8 essential amino acids.  

Lactasoy No Sugar is the new best value alternative drink for consumers. Priced from 5 baht, it is widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores. With its successful start, Lactasoy No Sugar now targets selling at least 200,000,000 units in all sizes nationwide within this year.

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