Airbnb surges in Mekong nations

Airbnb surges in Mekong nations

The 970km R10 Route is one of the main transport arteries for countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion.
The 970km R10 Route is one of the main transport arteries for countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Five million travellers stayed at Airbnb accommodation in the Greater Mekong region in 2017, generating income of US$1.67 billion (55 billion baht).

The home-sharing service revealed that guests in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam were up 147% year-on-year.

Mich Goh, head of policy for Southeast Asia, said the guests benefited hundreds of thousands of hospitality entrepreneurs and local businesses across the region.

In turn, the Greater Mekong region accounted for a significant number of Airbnb users, with more than 7 million travellers heading off to other destinations, creating offline connections across borders and cultures.

Ms Goh said that within the Mekong region more than 60,000 guests travelled consecutively to two or more countries within the region in 2017.

Of those travellers, nearly half began their intra-regional trip in Thailand.

Topping the list of the most popular travel chains is Thailand-Vietnam, followed closely by Thailand-Cambodia, Vietnam-Cambodia and Thailand-China.

By country, Airbnb's China market grew by 205% year-on-year in inbound guest arrivals and 103% in outbound guest arrivals.

Thailand, the second-largest market in the region after China, welcomed 1.2 million Airbnb guests in 2017.

In Myanmar and Laos, locals are increasingly embracing travel with Airbnb. Outbound guest arrivals in Myanmar grew by 169%, while the number of local hosts opening their homes to tourists rose 85% year-on-year. Similarly, outbound guest arrivals in Laos doubled.

Statistics show that 68% of all Airbnb guests in the region were under 30 years of age, and 31% were 30-60. Breaking down by sex, 54% of guests were female and 46% were male.

The top 10 countries or territories of origin for Airbnb guests in the region were China, the US, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and France.

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