Clos Monopole homes in on Burgundy wine market

Clos Monopole homes in on Burgundy wine market

Clos Monopole plans to become the biggest importer of Burgundy wine in Thailand through a collaboration between Estella Wine and Global Vineyards Thailand.

The company aims to achieve 50 million baht in sales by the end of 2018, and expects 30% growth next year, said Dusadee Poolsiri, co-founder and managing director of Clos Monopole.

Clos Monopole has invested over 30 million baht into operations management and events to bolster fast-growing demand for Burgundy wine in Thailand. It offers a wide range of products from over 60 French wine producers, with prices ranging from 800-70,000 baht per bottle.

"The launch was a result of our awareness of the potential and market demand, which are rising. Burgundy wine garners interest as it is a special kind of wine grown in the world's best wine region. Be it red or white, Burgundy wine has always topped world rankings," said Mr Dusadee.

Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong are Asia's largest markets for Burgundy wine. Clos Monopole is also keen to be the region's leading Burgundy wine importer.

Mr Dusadee said Clos Monopole expects 60% of sales to be generated from the hospitality, and 40% from 7,000-8,000 private customers. The company will also open a retail store for distribution and expansion to customers on a wider scale.

As part of the company's marketing strategy to create awareness among customers, it will host events to create cultural exchange relationships between producers and local wine drinkers, starting from inviting Blair Bethel, the producer of Domaine Dubere from Burgundy in France this October. The company will also sponsor La Paulee de Bangkok (the traditional post-harvest celebration in November) for wine lovers on a yearly basis.

"The Burgundy wine market in Thailand still has room to grow, as the supply does not meet demand," Mr Dusadee said.

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