E-commerce, engineering among the top payers

E-commerce, engineering among the top payers

JobsDB has listed the Top 10 high-paying industries in Thailand.
JobsDB has listed the Top 10 high-paying industries in Thailand.

E-commerce, medical services and engineering have the highest-paying jobs across all career levels in Thailand, according to a report by employment portal JobsDB.

While medical services and engineering were well-paying fields, e-commerce was found to be the only industry that ranked high at all career levels. IT and e-commerce were found to be the two most wanted industries in the Thai job market for 2019.

JobsDB's Thailand Salary Report 2018, covering data from over 50,000 employers, found that salary ranges for all career levels, including officer, supervisor, manager and top management, were in the same ranges as the year before.

The average starting salary for e-commerce jobs at staff level is 21,787 baht a month, while the starting salaries for supervisor and manager levels are 35,885 baht and 55,738 baht, respectively.

At the top level, those who have long experience and expertise in the industry can earn up to 145,000 baht.

The starting salary at officer level for medical services jobs (including pharmacist, intern, nurse and medical technologist) and engineering jobs is almost 20,000 baht on average. The highest salary for management level is about 140,000 baht.

Apart from revealing the average salary for each industry, the report showed that 10 job functions companies need most in Thailand for 2019 are sales, customer services and business development (17%), IT and e-commerce (12%), engineering (10%), administration and human resources (9%), accounting (8%), marketing and PR (8%), finance and banking (5%), travel, hospitality, food and beverage (5%), transport and logistics (4%), and manufacturing (4%).

In addition to relevant knowledge and skills for the jobs that affect the salary rate, one important thing for job seekers in this digital era is to equip themselves with skills in data management and analysis and to enhance knowledge of digital technology.

Their expertise needs to be deep and broad. A positive attitude is also a huge plus to ensure a candidate stands out and is more valuable compared with others, said Voravudh Varikarn, country manager of JobsDB Thailand.

The report also suggests that top skills for the future workforce are multi-tasking, communication and digital marketing, critical thinking, learning to adapt to change, expertise in the field, and a positive attitude.

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