Coca & Mango Tree branches to double

Coca & Mango Tree branches to double

Mr MacKenzie says Mango Tree is an ambassador for Thai cuisine around the world. The chain plans to have 100 branches by 2025.
Mr MacKenzie says Mango Tree is an ambassador for Thai cuisine around the world. The chain plans to have 100 branches by 2025.

Exquisine System HK, the operator of Coca & Mango Tree Restaurants, plans to double branches to 100 by 2025 from 50 branches planned for this year.

Trevor MacKenzie, Mango Tree's global managing director, said the company plans to open five new Mango Tree restaurants via various formats this year.

Of the total, two Mango Tree Bistros are scheduled for the Philippines, with one a full-scale eatery. Another restaurant is planned for China and two for Japan.

The expansion aims to bring total Mango Tree branches to 50 by the end of this year.

Mango Tree is a Thai restaurant owned by Coca Holding International, the Thai suki restaurant chain. Founded in Thailand in 1994, the chain has branches in 14 countries, including China, India, the Philippines and Japan, which are key target markets for the group, which also has eateries in Britain, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

"The Mango Tree business works particularly well abroad," Mr MacKenzie said. "The popularity of Thai cuisine among international customers continues to increase. Thai cuisine is no longer a luxury; it is an everyday treat that can be integrated into their daily lives. Fresh, light and aromatic, it is also healthier than many traditional fast-food options. This makes it ideally suited to busy office workers and commuters."

Mango Tree offers a series of Thai restaurant brands, ranging from the flagship full-service Mango Tree restaurants to second-tier brands like Mango Tree Cafe and Mango Tree Bistro -- trendy Thai gastro-bars that offer lively social dining.

Much of the group's expansion will be driven by third-tier brands, including Mango Tree Kitchen and Mango Tree Grab & Go, which focus on providing on-the-go dining in areas with high foot traffic, including transport hubs. This diversity also allows the company to expand into every market, from major megacities to emerging destinations.

Mr MacKenzie said many of the convenience offerings will focus on single-dish formats, such as Mango Tree Kitchen Gapao, which specialises in pad gapao (minced meat and Thai basil on rice, topped with a fried egg), Mango Tree Kitchen Khao Mun Gai (focused on the popular chicken and rice dish) and Mango Tree Pad Thai (serving the country's most famous noodle dish).

"Mango Tree is an ambassador for Thai cuisine around the world, so we are extremely optimistic about our prospects for growth," he said. "Over 40 million international travellers are expected to visit Thailand this year, and most of them will return with an appetite for the country's famous cuisine. This creates exceptional opportunities to cater to guests with authentic dishes that taste the same as they do in Thailand."

The group expects revenue to grow to US$97.6 million (2.99 billion baht) in 2019, up from $81.3 million in 2018.

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