AoT lawsuit threat falls flat at forum

AoT lawsuit threat falls flat at forum

A participant in a forum on the second terminal at Suvarnabhumi airport has shrugged off threats by the Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) to sue anyone at the gathering who speaks ill about the plans.

Somchet Thinaphong, former president of the now-defunct New Bangkok International Airport Company Limited (NBIA), said yesterday he was unperturbed by the threat of legal action.

He was one of the participants at a "National Engineering 2019" seminar titled "Terminal 2 Copy and Paste: Disaster for Suvarnabhumi?" which cast doubt over the project.

Mr Somchet said the second terminal issue was discussed at an academic level. Views exchanged were intended to provide constructive input for the development of an airport which serves the public interest.

Last week, the AoT defended the transparency of the 42-billion-baht project to build a second terminal, saying it would take legal action against anyone sharing defamatory information.

AoT's Terminal 2 proposal has been panned by several high-profile organisations, such as the Council of Engineers and the Architects Council of Thailand. Both said the proposal places the terminal in an "inconvenient" location which strays from the original master plan for the airport which was approved in 2003.

Mr Somchet backed this stance by saying the master plan must be adhered to while AoT president Nitinai Sirismatthakarn has said the proposed project was carefully designed with input from international aviation organisations.

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