Nescafe introduces cold-brew bottles

Nescafe introduces cold-brew bottles

Ms Sriprapha says Nescafe aims to dominate the ready-to-drink coffee market.
Ms Sriprapha says Nescafe aims to dominate the ready-to-drink coffee market.

Nescafe is launching new cold-brew bottles in Thailand to expand its ready-to-drink premium offerings at convenience stores.

The company allocated 100 million baht for the Nescafe Cold Brew launch campaign and is partnering with 7-Eleven to promote the drink at its locations nationwide.

"The premium ready-to-drink coffee segment is growing rapidly because of the preferences of the new generation of coffee drinkers," said Sriprapha Chingprasertsuk, senior marketing manager at Nestle (Thai) Ltd.

"Consumers are looking for coffee on-the-go that offers a cafe-style experience and is easily accessible at an affordable price."

The new 39-baht cold-brew drink, which comes in black and latte flavours, is made at Thailand's only production facility equipped for cold coffee extraction, which produces coffee that is less acidic and less bitter because of the cold temperatures.

"Cold-brew coffee is well-known among urban consumers who go to the higher-end cafes and coffee shops that serve it," she said. "They perceive it as a superior and aspirational beverage. The majority of coffee drinkers have limited familiarity with the taste of cold-brew coffee."

To promote the new drink, Nescafe launched a Cold Brew Cafe by Nescafe at Samyan Mitrtown last week, which attracted over 700 visitors its first weekend.

Sriprapha Chingprasertsuk, senior marketing manager – Ready to Drink business unit, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.

"Nescafe is driving the growth of the premium ready-to-drink coffee market, which at 19.3% is almost nine times the total ready-to-drink coffee market of only 2.6%, according to Nielsen research in November 2019," Ms Sriprapha said.

"We aim to gain market leadership in the ready-to-drink premium coffee segment this year with this new coffee in Thailand, available at 7-Eleven and other leading convenience stores nationwide."

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