Oil traders offer deals to service cars

Oil traders offer deals to service cars

The Energy Ministry is cooperating with six oil traders to discount prices of products and services for vehicle maintenance to attract motorists, in an effort to deal with the PM2.5 dust problem in the energy sector.

PTT, Bangchak, Esso, Caltex, PT and Shell are the six traders. The discount period runs from Feb 3-29.

Nantika Thangsuphanich, director-general of the Energy Business Department, said engine oil and lubricants are being offered at 25-50% discount.

Some vehicle check-ups are eligible for free service and special discounts for spare parts such as lube and air filters.

Each oil trader can offer extra points for member cardholders, she said.

"The energy minister has ordered related agencies to deal with the ultra-fine dust," said Ms Nantika.

Energy Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said the ministry called for voluntary participation from six oil traders to support the ministry's action on the air pollution crisis.

"These campaigns are the second measure from the ministry," he said.

"Aged vehicles should come for check-ups and change their lubricants, oil and spare parts because they create higher emissions than new cars."

The move comes after promoting biodiesel B10 as a fundamental diesel in the country's oil retail market since early January.

"The ministry is confident B10 usage can reduce emissions from pickups, big trucks and buses," Mr Sontirat said.

"By March, oil dispensers for biodiesel B7 in petrol stations will be replaced with B10, and B7 will be downgraded to an alternative diesel."

Emissions from vehicles in Bangkok and surrounding provinces are the main cause of the problem, which represents roughly 70% of the PM2.5 dust, he said.

Other major causes include burning of crop waste and forest areas.

According to the Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Department, B10 can reduce dust emissions by 3.5-13.5%, while B20 can reduce such emissions by 20-25%.

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