BIG readies tech to deal with drought

BIG readies tech to deal with drought

Firm in talks with 10 petrochemical plants

A gas plant for Bangkok Industrial Gas in Rayong. The company has a plan to reuse waste water.
A gas plant for Bangkok Industrial Gas in Rayong. The company has a plan to reuse waste water.

Bangkok Industrial Gas Co (BIG) plans to use an oxidation technology to reuse water at a petrochemical complex in Map Ta Phut, Rayong to deal with the drought.

BIG aims to help petrochemical producers in Map Ta Phut manage waste water.

Piyabut Charuphen, managing director, said BIG is in talks with 10 petrochemical plants from firms such as PTT Global Chemical, Siam Cement Group and Indorama Ventures about installing the oxidation technology to reuse waste water.

Three operators at the complex re-treat waste water using a traditional process and release the water into natural canals after treatment.

BIG's subsidiary Waste Water Management Co (WWM) oversees the water treatment in industrial estates.

"Drought is recurring in the eastern region, projected to be similar to the 2005 situation," he said.

Mr Piyabut said BIG expects five factories in Map Ta Phut to participate in the oxidation technology programme, requiring a budget of 10-20 million baht for this water reuse system.

The price of reused water from the oxidation technology will be 30% lower than reverse osmosis technology using sea water, which is priced at 100 baht per cubic metre.

WWM's key competency is water treatment.

"WWM comprises 20% of BIG's revenue in 2020 and the company expects to widen WWM's revenue proportion to 40% by 2024," he said.

"BIG's gas business will fall from 80% to 60% in the future."

BIG has two other business units: energy optimisation and a pipeline franchise.

Energy optimisation uses more oxygen content by burning units of fuel in the production process, which will enhance the efficiency of the heat burn. This business began operation in 2018.

BIG expects to have 35 new customers in 2020.

The pipeline franchise is a joint venture between BIG and Amata Corporation, with stakes of 51% and 49%, respectively.

BIG aims to be a one-stop industrial gas solution for factories in Amata City Rayong with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year, serving nearby customers.

BIG is Thailand's largest industrial gas maker. It has a joint venture with PTT Plc for a traditional air separation unit worth 1.5 billion baht in Rayong.

This facility uses chilled water from the gasification process of liquefied natural gas from PTT's operations in Map Ta Phut.

The air separation unit is scheduled to start operation in 2021 and will add capacity of 450,000 tonnes per year for a total of 1.1 million tonnes.

BIG expects total revenue in 2020 to grow 10% from 6 billion baht in 2019, thanks to demand for industrial gas and services.

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