True triples capacity for net bandwidth

True triples capacity for net bandwidth

Usage jumps over 50% in past month

True's team ensures the fibre, internet broadband, cable TV and mobile services run without interruption. *No photo credit*
True's team ensures the fibre, internet broadband, cable TV and mobile services run without interruption. *No photo credit*

True Group has tripled its network bandwidth capacity to cater to its fibre, internet broadband, cable TV and mobile services after the usage of its broadband bandwidth jumped over 50% over the past month following the coronavirus outbreak.

The move ensures communication network efficiency for the public, who have been requested to stay home during the emergency decree.

Jirachai Kunakorn, chief network operations officer, said the volume of broadband bandwidth usage has soared 52% and data usage climbed 18.4% in the past month.

The bandwidth capacity expansion is meant to accommodate local and international connections and boost capacity of 3G/4G/5G services as online usage continues to rise.

This would facilitate rising bandwidth usage, including the rising trend of entertainment and news content consumption, video conferencing and other online transactions.

According to Mr Jirachai, True's engineering team will be deployed to ensure network quality around the clock. The team can proceed with remote work and check signal quality from anywhere, enabling them to work from home, he said.

Portable base stations for temporary cellular network coverage, known as cell on wheels, have been dispatched to hospitals with high internet usage. Technicians meanwhile will stand ready to be deployed to solve problems that may arise immediately.

"As more people stay at home, True Group realises telecommunication network infrastructure is vital and necessary for daily life," Mr Jirachai said.

This is the responsibility of True's teams in charge of fibre, broadband, cable TV and mobile services to ensure the services run without interruption.

Meanwhile, Total Access Communication (DTAC), the country's third-largest mobile operator, has vowed to ensure network capacity efficiency in all areas in the wake of the outbreak.

"We are keeping abreast of the development of the Covid-19 outbreak in order to prepare the network to serve demand in any circumstances," said Prathet Tankuranun, chief technology officer of DTAC.

He said data usage patterns in each area will be gauged to ensure service efficiency.

DTAC also stands ready to deploy cellular network vehicles or small cell sites to areas where bandwidth usage is on the rise.

The telecom operator has already deployed cell sites to boost the capacity of its mobile network at Thammasat University Hospital, which will serve Covid-19 patients.

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