Lockdown prompted renovations

Lockdown prompted renovations

The pandemic boosted demand for residential renovations as people chose to spend more time at home.

Kridsada Satukijchai, acoustic consultant at sound designer Trandar Acoustics, said demand for home renovations to fit with the new lifestyle increased as more people worked from home during the lockdown.

"Customers want to renovate their rooms, with soundproofing for working at home," he said.

The designs or materials for soundproofing are in demand in the residential sector, after being basic features for commercial properties such as hotels, exhibition centres and offices, said Mr Kridsada.

At condo projects, dining room designs will become more flexible or have multiple functions, particularly as meeting rooms when people want to work remotely.

"People working from home have found it difficult to participate in meetings because of noise," he said.

The residential sector also wants more cleanable materials as hygiene becomes a major concern, said Mr Kridsada.

Jullakiat Sinchaichookiat, founder of construction materials web portal Wazzadu.com, said many people wanted to renovate their homes or upgrade their space during the lockdown.

The website wants to organise a virtual exhibition Sept 9-15 for construction materials from producers.

"A virtual exhibition costs a tenth of a physical exhibition as the latter will have expenses from building booths and rental spaces," he said.

Prices at the virtual exhibition will start from 100,000 baht throughout the seven-day event, said Mr Jullakiat.

Exhibitors and participants can visit the exhibition and make a deal within 24 hours.

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