Now is the time to go study at Switzerland’s top hospitality institutions

Now is the time to go study at Switzerland’s top hospitality institutions

Humans' love for exploration and novelty has created millions of jobs in the tourism industry around the world.

The right education will prepare you for a life full of joy as part of this booming sector. As it is world-renown for hospitality and the luxury management industry, Switzerland is the perfect destination for your hospitality studies.

Your experiences as a student in Switzerland will translate into lucrative job prospects in great hotel chains around the world. Plus, during the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Switzerland is the safest country in the world due to its strict preventive measures against Covid-19. In short, there’s no need to delay your future academic plans.

The question is which school can take you farthest along your career path. Glion and Les Roches, two top-three worldwide institutions for hospitality management, can be the right answer for you. Traditionally, hospitality schools only focused on hotel operations like reception, catering, and room service. However, at Glion and Les Roches, you will get to learn practical skills and gain vast knowledge of Swiss ways that will prepare you for real work experience. Students will gain a profound understanding of key details of the roles and effective management for each department from basic to advanced levels. 

The two top schools, Glion and Les Roches, are thus well-recognised for international business studies. Plus, for BBA students, a hybrid learning option is available whereby students have the option to study in the comfort of their home and still stay connected to the campus facilities, 1 to 1 academic and career support, and student life involvement.

Now the chance to go study at Glion and Les Roches is easier to take advantage of than ever. Truly a golden opportunity, getting help from an expert educational counsellor will help facilitate the process, from advisory and application to foundational skills and multiple aids abroad.

One such well-qualified and professional educational counsellor is Ekthana Education Services which offers comprehensive services to get students into world class institutions in hospitality management as well as arts and design. Ekthana welcomes all levels of students, from those who seek a diploma or certificate to those who want to pursue Bachelor's and Master's degrees in many countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, China, Australia, and Italy.

Moreover, financial support schemes have been formulated to ensure you can embark on your education journey with peace of mind.

If you are interested in studying hospitality in Swiss top institutions, kindly join our free seminar on Glion and Les Roches

For more information, please call 08 7806 6728 or 09 2261 7108 , 08 1920 8882.

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