Mercedes-Benz Initiates “Charge to Change” Social Movement

Mercedes-Benz Initiates “Charge to Change” Social Movement

Mercedes-Benz Initiates “Charge to Change” Social Movement Inviting Plug-in Hybrid Owners to Charge More to Reduce PM 2.5 with Aim for a Better Environment and Wellbeing of All Thais

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd is officially introducing “Charge to Change” social movement to invite plug-in hybrid owners across the country to adjust their daily behavior to charge and change the world for the better, with aim to reduce PM 2.5 and create a better environment as well as wellbeing for all Thais.

Mr. Roland Folger, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd, said “Over the past few months, COVID-19 has become the biggest concern for people around the world. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, we need to keep social distancing and eventually has our lifestyle changed completely. On the other hand, PM 2.5, one of our major concerns since the beginning of the year, seemed to be something that people were talking about less and less. Yet, the problem is still there. Road transport, in fact, contributed to 50% of PM 2.5 in the air, according to the information from the Pollution Control Department. In Bangkok alone, we have over 10 million registered vehicles. That means no matter how long we will have to deal with COVID-19, PM 2.5 will continue to be one of the biggest concerns and a major environmental problem that Thais should seriously come up with the way to solve it.“

“As a carmaker with a strong presence in Thailand for decades, Mercedes-Benz Thailand is thinking a lot about what we can do to help and if there is any way for us to commute by car yet somehow keep the air clean while doing so. We realize that our lineups of EQ Power vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles can provide zero-pollution transportation but to make a difference, we need to have a change in people’s behavior and a cooperation from every stakeholder, particularly from car owners. This is the reason behind the launch of “Charge to Change” social movement today. Mercedes-Benz wants to encourage plug-in hybrid owners, not only owners of Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid vehicles but also plug-in hybrid owners of any brand, to charge more and help change the world for the better. The power to change and reduce PM 2.5 in this country is actually in your hands and you can simply be a part of this initiative by simply charging your car. Mercedes-Benz will also initiate a movement that attract stakeholders to join hands and make Bangkok the clean mobility hub of Southeast Asia in the future,“ added Mr. Folger.

Mercedes-Benz creates “Charge to Change“ as a long-term social movement and divide it into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – change behavior. Mercedes-Benz has found out about one interesting fact that people who own plug-in hybrid vehicles just don’t charge because of three reasons – I don’t know that my car can be charged, I don’t know where to charge my car, and I can’t be bothered to charge it since filling the tank with gasoline is easier and more convenient. Mercedes-Benz will come up with an online video to create awareness about this initiative, and to make people realize that simply by charging and using the right driving mode, you and all PHEV owners can significantly help reduce PM2.5 everyday, with every drive.
  • Phase 2 – change the infrastructure. Mercedes-Benz will partner up with other stakeholders from different sectors to co-create an infrastructure that facilitates public charging and make the charging experience as convenient, accessible and effortless as possible. Mercedes-Benz will also start by donating 100 wallboxes to partners.
  • Phase 3 – create the new norm. Mercedes-Benz has a final goal to create areas that mode of transport is constantly dominated by clean mobility in order to reduce pollution and build a better environment and wellbeing of all Thais.

Mercedes-Benz has also unveiled its operating result in the first quarter of 2020. Sales for Mercedes-AMG has increased 54% year-on-year while sales for Mercedes-Benz’s EQ Power vehicles has increased 31% year-on-year. This reflected an increasing demand from consumers towards more environmentally friendly vehicles. It is in line with “Charge to Change“ social movement which Mercedes-Benz intends to promote in a long term to encourage Thai consumers allowing them to realize how they can be a part of building a better environment and a better future together.

In addition to the launch of “Charge to Change” social movement, Mercedes-Benz has also showcased the extraordinary off-roader recently unveiled in Thailand – the Mercedes-Benz G 350 d Sport.

For more information about EQ Power vehicles by Mercedes-Benz, please contact Mercedes-Benz’s authorized dealer nationwide.

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