Job expo targets fresh grads with mass vacancies

Job expo targets fresh grads with mass vacancies

Suchat: A million jobs to be listed
Suchat: A million jobs to be listed

Over a million job vacancies will be listed during Job Expo Thailand 2020, according to the Labour Minister.

"The economy is reviving after the lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown. Companies have reopened and begun to hire their workforce again," Suchat Chomklin told the media on Saturday. "This organised state job expo is expected to boost confidence in the economy and accelerate the hiring process."

The job expo will run from Sept 26 to 28 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Bitec) in the capital.

"It is not practical now to seek a job in a normal way," Mr Suchat said. "So we've decided to pull in all companies that seek to place job postings in one place."

Companies are expected to post 200,000 vacant job positions across various sectors, while government agencies are expected to post 400,000. About 100,000 overseas jobs and 200,000 vacancies for new graduates are also likely to be listed during the expo this year.

Recently the government introduced a co-payment system, where the state will pay 50% of the salaries of new graduates for 12 months.

Mr Suchat said the wave of hiring will inject cash into a slumped economy, noting the co-payment system is expected to bring 190 billion baht into the economy. He said the government will subsidise 15,000 baht per month for 1 million new graduates. The state is aiming to spend 180 billion baht in one year for the subsidy.

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