AIS launches 5G commercial deals

AIS launches 5G commercial deals

Mr Somchai promotes AIS 5G to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary.
Mr Somchai promotes AIS 5G to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary.

Advanced Info Service (AIS) has launched the country's first 5G promotional packages to facilitate innovation and expand its customer base for the ultra-fast internet technology, as the country's largest mobile operator marked its 30th anniversary on Thursday.

The commercial 5G packages come with new 5G mobile apps, including AIS 5G Play AR, offering virtual entertainment through augmented reality; AIS 5G VR, providing virtual reality in exclusive content; and AIS Cloud Game, a new kind of gaming experience over 5G networks.

At present there are 12 smartphone models that are 5G-compatible in the Thai market, and 150,000 units have been sold.

Some 60,000 of those handsets are held by AIS subscribers, said chief executive Somchai Lertsutiwong.

The telecom giant aims to raise its 5G user numbers to 100,000 by the end of the year, he said.

On Feb 21, AIS started sending signals on the 5G network and embarked on the soft launch of the ultra-fast internet technology in March, allowing customers who own 5G smartphones to experience 5G speed capability without charges for 10GB per month as a trial.

"Today we officially launched 5G service packages with content applications while helping transform people's quality of life, entertainment and the economy with the power of 5G nationwide coverage," Mr Somchai said at a news conference.

The AIS 5G network covers 60% of the population in Bangkok, 16% of the country and 90% of Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) areas.

Referring to the company's first 5G service packages, Mr Somchai said they start from a monthly fee of 199 baht with a top-up of 5GB data usage.

Other packages include a 699-baht plan with 50GB data usage and an unlimited data usage plan for 1,199 baht per month that comes with a free net SIM containing 50GB data usage.

Mr Somchai said AIS supports the industrial sector with solutions for automated factories, security systems and the retail sector.

The company has partnered with NTT Docomo to integrate 5G technology with AR to provide the signal for international consults between Thailand and Japan.

AIS has teamed up with Bosch for a trial of 5G private network technology at an Eastern Seaboard industrial estate.

The company has joined with SNC and Rajamangala University of Technology Eastern Region to deploy 5G tech for remote control of mechanical arms and automated guided vehicles.

AIS also plans to launch its 5G Smart Mirror, which will bring another level of transformation to the retail industry in partnership with Central Pattana.

This will provide a superior shopping experience to customers, which is convenient and avoids risks from touching by using AR Mapping technology, he said.

AIS 5G Virtual Mall is to be launched in collaboration with key partners such as One Siam, TV Direct and Thailand Creative & Design Center to display products and services through a virtual shopping experience.

"AIS's next move, in our 31st year, is to transform our company into a complete innovation organisation," Mr Somchai said.

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