Nippon Paint elevates its philanthropic goals with “We Care We Share by Nippon Paint”

Nippon Paint elevates its philanthropic goals with “We Care We Share by Nippon Paint”

It is beyond argument that any health crisis – whatever shape and size – is to be prevented at all costs.

However, faith in humanity has always been there through difficulties across generations whenever it is needed the most. Amid the raging global spread of the novel coronavirus, or Covid-19, Nippon Paint Decorative Coatings (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. has shown that private sector entities are not all about profitability alone. 

Since long before the pandemic, when asked or requested, the paint manufacturing company has given away its quality paint to those in need. Now, prompted by Covid-19, Nippon Paint has stepped up its mission to elevate the quality of life of Thai people and alleviate the situation with the virus.

“We Care We Share by Nippon Paint” is launched to push for more corporate social responsibility. Paint donation, the first pilot project, entails donating virus-proof paint to hospitals as a protective measure and to give medical personnel encouragement. 

The company understands the importance of medical personnel staying healthy as they are the primary caregivers for Covid-19 patients and the frontline in warding off the spread of the virus.Nippon Paint  VirusGuard is specially formulated with anti-viral and anti-bacterial performance. It is scientifically proven to be effective against Human Coronavirus, which causes respiratory infections in human, Influenza A (H1N1) Virus which causes swine flu and Coxsackievirus A16 which causes Hand Foot Mouth Diseases (HFMD)*.As such, it was given to various agencies committed to being forces for good in society, including hospitals, schools, temples, and local communities. 

Nippon Paint VirusGuard is the right paint to use during such a critical situation when physicians and medical personnel have to work and stay at their hospitals. 

The virus-proof interior paint is an acrylic solution with  Silver-ion technology that destroy the cell membrane and slows down the metabolism and eventually causes the death of viruses and bacteria. Its performance is certified with ATS LABS of the US. Odourless and low-VOC, the paint is safe for people to use rooms as soon as it dries. Meanwhile, the smooth colour film is beautiful, easy to care for, and clean, like a sentry standing guard over the environment.

Customers and the general public can participate in the effort through an online activity at Facebook Page: Nippon Paint Decorative. Simply click a care button to donate a square metre of paint. The “1 Care 1 Sqm” campaign aims to donate 10,000 square metres under the We Care We Share by Nippon Paint project. The goal for this year is expected to be reached as 9,000 square meters have already been donated to seven hospitals and four government agencies, including Sirindhorn Hospital, Samutprakarn Hospital, Lerdsin Hospital, Phramongkutklao Hospital, Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute, and Ramathibodi Hospital. 

Future plans for We Care We Share by Nippon Paint include promoting culture and idea exchanges among local communities and tourists along with donating paint to improve landscapes and create artworks that reflect local ways of life. Moreover, Nippon Paint is collaborating on the project with volunteer graffiti artists in the north and south of Thailand so as to attract more tourists and boost local economies. 

Nippon Paint Decorative Coatings (Thailand) Co.,Ltd continues to encourage and support medical personnel in their battle to contain Covid-19. Find out more through a video depicting social transformation in the new normal era where all are invited to live a brighter lifestyle, available at Nippon Paint Decorative

For more information, please visit Facebook page: We Care We Share by Nippon Paint

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