Siam Piwat trumpets Rabbit Card perks

Siam Piwat trumpets Rabbit Card perks

Ms Saruntorn, centre left, and Phakin Pattanavorameth, Rabbit Rewards' business development director, left, promote the VIZ Rabbit card.
Ms Saruntorn, centre left, and Phakin Pattanavorameth, Rabbit Rewards' business development director, left, promote the VIZ Rabbit card.

Siam Piwat has partnered with Rabbit Cards to launch the "VIZ Rabbit card", a loyalty programme for shoppers and mass transit users.

"OneSiam and Iconsiam are global destinations where visitors can enjoy various activities that cater to a wide range of lifestyles. Our retail destinations offer shopping experiences as we aspire to have the No.1 mall offerings," said Saruntorn Asaves, Siam Piwat's assistant managing director for its membership management group.

"During year-end festivities, Siam Piwat is looking to drive business growth through a series of events and campaigns. This year our 'Collaboration to Win' strategy partners with mass transit operators and e-payment through Rabbit Card and Rabbit Rewards. This powerful synergy will offer enhanced privileges, loyalty incentives and partnership rewards to both VIZ and Rabbit Rewards members," Ms Saruntorn said.

"This strategic alliance is a promising opportunity to leverage membership growth, with an aim to increase the number of VIZ members by 100,000 -- from 610,000 to 710,000 members by the end of 2020 -- and we expect to reach 870,000 by 2021."

VIZ Rabbit Card members are eligible until Dec 31 to receive 100 Rabbit Rewards points upon application. Existing VIZ Card members will be able to receive 10 times VIZ Points when making a minimum purchase of 5,000 baht at participating stores in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Iconsiam.

"This is the first business alliance in which Rabbit Card has partnered with a leading retailer. Working with OneSiam and Iconsiam, global shopping destinations, is a pleasure," said Ratchanee Saensinchai, managing director of Bangkok Smart Card System, which oversees the Rabbit Card.

"We are collaborating with world-class artist Ricardo Cavolo to design our Rabbit Cards. VIZ Rabbit Card members will enjoy existing Rabbit privileges as well as convenient payments for Skytrain cards, other mass transit systems, and shopping and services across the country, including transactions at many outlets at OneSiam and Iconsiam.

"The distinct benefits are double the reward points for purchases of products, including food and drink, by simply applying the VIZ Rabbit Card membership for both loyalty programmes."

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