New platform provides Covid assistance

New platform provides Covid assistance

Site provides info on cremation services

Red spots on reveal the locations of both suspected and positive Covid-19 patients in Bangkok and surrounding areas seeking help.
Red spots on reveal the locations of both suspected and positive Covid-19 patients in Bangkok and surrounding areas seeking help.

A group of engineers created a web-based map platform to show locations of Covid-infected people and suspected cases as well as temples available for cremation services as part of efforts to cope with the crisis.

The platform -- -- was recently launched by a group called ThaiFight Covid.

"One problem during the pandemic is it is difficult to find temples that provide cremation services for those who have died from Covid-19," said Piyapan Hannarkin, chairperson of ThaiFight Covid.

"Moreover, many people are testing positive for the virus or suspect they have it and need help, but are unsure of where to access healthcare."

The group's founders are engineers who want to help.

The group has drawn more than 2,700 participants, including physicians, dentists and engineers.

It was founded in March 2020 and completed various tasks to help during the crisis such as designing negative and positive pressure rooms, ventilation systems, mobile Covid-testing vehicles and cooling vests for doctors.

The platform was created to enable local volunteers to provide help to people in need.

Infected people can pin their location on a map to seek help.

The map also shows temples providing cremation services, making it easier for hospitals and volunteers to reach them.

Temples can also send alerts for help on the map such as seeking repairs for crematoriums.

"It would be convenient if rescue foundations reached out to temples in their areas so they could be notified in advance," Ms Piyapan said.

She said there are 164 temples in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces supporting cremation services for Covid-19 deaths.

Volunteers can sign up on the platform to take part.

The group allows other parties to integrate necessary services into the platform such as the MoArsa system, which can help assess Covid-19 patients' health conditions through telemedicine.

The ThaiRod group integrates its services on the platform to provide food and other necessities such as oxygen cylinders to assist patients.

"We don't record patient data to ensure privacy and to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act," Ms Piyapan said.

Other volunteers also depend on digital technology to provide help.

The Hack Vax group, which consists of innovators, designers and doctors, previously created a vaccination platform known as Hack Vax that debuted in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The same group built another team called Hack Test to mobilise efforts for Covid-19 testing, preliminarily targeting the Eastern Economic Corridor areas.

Another group of volunteers led by Dave Malhotra developed a website -- -- where infected people, donors and restaurants can connect.

Donors can pay restaurants to make food for infected people in need.

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