BOI offers Incentives to Support the Creative Economy

BOI offers Incentives to Support the Creative Economy

The Creative Economy, on which the Thai Government has focoused as a key strategy to drive economic growth, is an economic engine which utilises the country’s rich and diverse intellectual capital to create artisanal products and services as well as digital content that appeal to global audiences, facilitated by the country’s advanced digital technology especially rollout of 5G and passionate young entrepreneurs and artists who are more attuned to global art and social trends.

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has classified the creative industry into three main groups, namely, creative business, digital business and tourism business, offering both tax and non-tax incentives to promote investment in a wide range of activities.

  • Among the activities eligible for maximum Corporate Income Tax (CIT) exemption of 8 years are functional fibre, creative design and business development service, embedded software, high value-added software and incubation centres.
  • Under the BOI’s merit-based framework, activities that are not eligible for tax incentives may apply for 3-year CIT exemption if they invest in research and business development.


For more information, please contact: Thailand Board of Investment

Tel. +66 (0) 2553 8111



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