B2tn plan to speed up 36 major projects

B2tn plan to speed up 36 major projects

The Transport Ministry has pledged to speed up 36 mega-infrastructure projects with investments worth 1.98 trillion baht to stimulate economic development this year.

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said the projects, some of which have yet to be approved, are expected to upgrade the country's logistics and increase the country's competitiveness and drive the economy.

Of the 36 projects, 11 are road transport schemes worth a combined 261 billion baht, 20 rail ones valued at 1.5 trillion baht, three aviation projects worth 80.6 billion and two maritime transport schemes worth 114 billion baht.

He said investment in these projects will come from five sources: 217 billion baht from the state budget (11%); 111 billion baht from government revenue (6%); 1.11 trillion baht from loans (56%); 511 billion baht from public-private partnerships (26%), and 34 billion baht from the Thailand Future Fund (1%).

Meanwhile, the cabinet approved 2.1 billion baht from the central fund to repair public transport infrastructure damaged by flooding in 17 provinces which lasted for six months last year, deputy government spokeswoman Traisulee Traisoranakul said.

About 1.64 billion was earmarked for the Department of Land Transport and the rest, worth 476.4 million baht, was for the Department of Rural Roads.

Numerous highways and roads across the country were damaged by extensive flooding from May-October last year, according to the Transport Ministry.

Several bridges were also in need of repair.

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