BAFS, ITURRI join hands in bid to meet emissions goal

BAFS, ITURRI join hands in bid to meet emissions goal

ML Nathasit, second left, said that the net-zero emission target has become the firm's ultimate goal to be reached before 2050.
ML Nathasit, second left, said that the net-zero emission target has become the firm's ultimate goal to be reached before 2050.

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services (BAFS) Intech has joined forces with Spain's aircraft refuelling vehicles manufacturer ITURRI in order to hit a net-zero emissions target.

The collaboration aims to enhance aviation fuel services efficiency and promote environmentally friendly and 100% electrically powered aviation refuelling vehicles, also known as an EV hydrant dispenser, refueller, and maintenance services. Spain's ITURRI will accelerate the battery electric vehicle (BEV) production in the hydrant dispenser.

These vehicles ensure net-zero carbon dioxide emissions while reaching a maximum running distance of 170km and refuelling an average of eight flights on a single full charge.

In addition, there will be a growing demand for aviation ground service equipment. The International Air Transport Association has forecast that aviation-related businesses are expected to surpass their pre-pandemic levels in 2024 with around 4 billion passengers per year worldwide. The number is expected to continue on a positive trajectory and gradually double to 8 billion passengers by 2040.

ML Nathasit Diskul, president of BAFS, an aircraft refuelling service provider, said the timely strategic collaboration would yield a new range of innovative products designed for users in the Asia-Pacific region while also supporting BAFS's growth.

"We plan to increase the proportion of our revenue from the company's core business to 50% and the remainder of the revenue, which comes mainly from our subsidiaries in the utilities and renewable energy businesses," said ML Nathasit.

"For utilities business, we have the largest fuel pipeline network in Asean. The delivery capacity is approximately 9 billion litres per year. Within the next five years, our renewable energy business is expected to expand, and it is likely to become our significant source of revenue in the future."

BAFS Group's primary revenue comes from aviation refuelling. The company has around 80 hydrant dispensers and refuellers at Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport. As for its pipeline network, it is the largest in Asean, with the company able to deliver approximately 9 billion litres per year.

Amadeo Dalton Rodriguez, managing director of ITURRI, alongside Luis Ramon Parias Vazquez, the aviation manager of ITURRI, said the collaboration with BAFS Intech in Thailand was regarded as the best business partnership in the Asean market for the aviation and refuelling industries.

ITURRI's research and development department will work with the BAFS team on improving the piloting of power supplies, electric refuelling machines, and smart solutions for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

ITURRI is also aiming to raise export volumes to 70% of overseas production by 2025, as part of an attempt to achieve a total targeted turnover of US$551 million, which is double the current value.

ML Nathasit said that BAFS realised the importance of business collaboration and had a commitment to do more for the environment as it moved towards true sustainability. As a result, the firm aims to reach its net-zero emissions target by 2050.

"The plan to manufacture the BEV has been previously considered as we have been fully committed to operating our business based on the principle of social and environmental sustainability," ML Nathasit said.

BAFS received certification as a carbon-neutral company in 2019. The company also supplies manufacturing aviation refuelling vehicles and other products to both Thai and international customers, including those in Laos and Myanmar.

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