Bitkub upgrades blockchain network

Bitkub upgrades blockchain network

Bitkub Blockchain Technology is joining with partners from various sectors to strengthen the ecosystem for the Bitkub Chain.
Bitkub Blockchain Technology is joining with partners from various sectors to strengthen the ecosystem for the Bitkub Chain.

Bitkub Blockchain Technology, a blockchain development company under Bitkub Capital Group Holdings, is cooperating with partners in various industries to build a strong ecosystem for the Bitkub Chain and create uses for KUB coins in the metaverse.

Passakorn Pannok, chief executive of Bitkub Blockchain Technology, announced Erawan Hard Fork, an upgrade to the company's blockchain network, which will help the blockchain process more transactions and boost the efficiency of the network.

Erawan Hard Fork comes with an increase in node validators, up from 11 to 21, consisting of partnered companies and business networks.

Collaborators include Saha Pathanapibul, TPCS, TPCX, Siamrajathanee, PROEN Corp, Sis Distribution, Ananda Development, Inspex, Diamon, 2C2P, Multiple Technology, Smart Contract Blockchain Studio, Villa market JP, GetLinks, ABX Ventures, SIX Network, Finstable, Shin-A Service, Dig Dig, Minor International and Arch 2021.

This upgrade opens new possibilities and projects for the company, including Bitkub Next, an easily accessible digital wallet on web browsers and Google Play scheduled to launch on Apple's iOS soon, he said.

In addition to the upgrade, another project called Earnkub is described as a "multiverse tracking and reward platform" that will reward customers with cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for performing activities such as learning or exercising in both the real and virtual worlds.

Mr Passakorn said to encourage the business sector to participate in Bitkub Chain, the company needs to focus on building an ecosystem and a strong community for the blockchain to grow sustainably.

"Last year we created many use cases to show the potential of blockchain. This year we will focus on community-building to draw in developers and get people involved in Bitkub Chain," he said.

Bitkub Blockchain Technology and its partner The Monk Studios also revealed some progress on developing their own home-grown metaverse.

Using Unreal Engine, Bitkub metaverse allows users to explore attractions such as stadiums or galleries, socialise in chat rooms, trade cryptocurrencies, play games, work together in meeting rooms, or customise their avatar and character. One notable feature is buying land in the metaverse and decorating it with NFTs. Alternatively, a customised service allows the developers to build land based on the user's idea.

The Monk Studios plans on activating land purchases in the metaverse by May and releasing a game beta around August or September.

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