BEC aiming to export content globally

BEC aiming to export content globally

Mr Apicha says BEC Studios provides the full range of content production.
Mr Apicha says BEC Studios provides the full range of content production.

BEC World Plc, the operator of Channel 3, has introduced BEC Studios as its content production house with 400 million baht allotted in the first phase of the company's investment as part of its strategic plan to export content globally.

The firm indicated Thailand can play a leading role in Southeast Asia to export content and build soft power, following in the footsteps of South Korea.

"We invested in BEC Studios as an engine for growth in content creation and the production business," said Apicha Honghirunruang, president of BEC Studio business at BEC World. "This is our transformation to serve the global audience to make content more universal."

BEC Studios offers a complete range of content production.

The first phase of the investment in BEC Studio, valued at 400 million baht, will centre on Soundstage Studio, which comprises six studios and has the capacity of producing at least 10 dramas a year. It is located in Bangkok's Nong Khaem district.

Soundstage Studio will reduce the production time, cut the cost by half, and help unlock constraints regarding outdoor lighting and locations where special effects are required, he said.

It will be the largest soundstage studio in the country when it is completed, said Mr Apicha.

The second phase will focus on Lot Locations Studio and the third phase on Back Lot Studio.

BEC Studios will collaborate with 12 universities to organise courses for plot writing. Mr Apicha said it is important to build skill sets in story-telling which is more internationalised.

BEC Studios is aimed at creating quality dramas and films for the channel and online platforms.

It will also gather post-production teams to produce virtual art, computer graphics, and colour grading for the work.

BEC Studios will also support the production of series for Channel 3 and the Channel 3 plus platform as well as collaborating with other partners, mainly for over-the-top (OTT). It will also produce films in the future.

Mr Apicha said Thailand has the potential to export content and take a leading role in soft power within Asean.

He said Thai actors are popular in Asia, but more needs to be done in terms of production, technical issues and scripts, which need to be internationalised to a greater degree.

"We can proceed with co-production or engage in joint-venture production with strategic partners, particularly OTTs, to export content. BEC Studios can create the standard for production process, story-telling and post-production work," said Mr Apicha.

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