Plus Property Seizes No.1 for Quality Management Systems

Plus Property Seizes No.1 for Quality Management Systems

The First in Thailand Certified for 3 ISO Standards

Plus Property, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, is confident of the Thai economy’s recovery in the second half of this year. It now aims to bolster the confidence of consumers by improving the quality of living, property management and amenities at client property projects. Having attained ISO certification for three global standards, PLUS can now be considered the number one in property management in Thailand has to offer and stands ready to deliver constantly improving property management services. Achieving three ISO standards reinforces PLUS’s leadership in professional, full-service management of properties and facilities that answers to ever-changing client demands amid evolving challenges and opportunities.

Mr. Anukul Ratpitaksanti, managing director of Plus Property, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed that: “Based on performance over the first five months of the year, PLUS can be considered to have received good responses from clients. Some 550 million baht of income has already been earned, amounting to 46% of the 1.2-billion-baht target. The majority of income came from managing property projects; this has received good support from clients, 98.5% of whom extended their contracts with the company. The company remains committed to finding new clients to add to its portfolio. Most recently, PLUS received ISO 14001 : 2015 certification for its environmental management system, making it the first and only property management company in Thailand to be certified for three systems. The first certification, ISO 9001: 2000, was earned in 2002 and covers the quality management system. This standard has undergone continual adjustment. Re-certification was achieved in 2008 and 2018 and ISO 9001 : 2015 is in use for management systems at present. In March, certification for ISO 41001: 2018 was achieved for the facility management system. These are expected to become noteworthy features that attract the group of clients looking for a quality property management team that employs global standards in administration.”

PLUS having passed the ISO 14001 : 2015 certification for environmental management system, one of the most recent global standards, is a good guarantor of the fact that PLUS has an effective and recognised work process in the environmental aspect. Importance is placed on managing five main issues: green space, waste management, wastewater treatment, energy saving and carbon footprint. Furthermore, campaigning takes place to promote environment-mindedness among building users and residents at projects. PLUS recognises the importance of managing property projects with the aim of promoting a good quality of life. It therefore encourages environmentally friendly business operations that contribute toward sustainable development.

PLUS’s business activity is carried out under a 5’S approach for clear and robust conduct of business. The five keys enable PLUS to delivery good quality services and experiences to clients and promote quality of life for residents in a way that responds to all aspects of their needs. These keys, which also contribute to the creation of model residential communities, consist of: SECURE LIFE. Security work is professionally regulated and personnel are ready to step in to handle all situations. SPLENDID HOME. Assets at all projects are maintained to preserve the visual appeal. The originality of each project is preserved over time. Due to these efforts, the value of properties at each project will increase in the future. SUPERIOR SERVICE. PLUS’s service entails professionalism that is delivered through service-minded personnel who have been trained by PLUS Eduplex. All situations are handled professionally and based on standardised protocols while administrative work is transparent and traceable. SMOOTH LIVING. Expertise in the relevant systems, including in building systems engineering, is leveraged. Maintenance is planned in phases. This keeps the various building systems intact and optimal. These maintenance efforts also help reduce expenses at a property project in the long term. SUSTAINABLE. PLUS aims to be an organisation that makes environmental contributions and promotes sustainability. This applies to the management of green space, waste and energy.

“Today, PLUS is ready to emphatically declare it is committed to preserving as well as elevating its service level in accordance with international standards,” said Mr. Anukul. “This is made possible by expertise in all fields, from counselling on property projects management, looking after building systems engineering and managing assets and finances to designing services and delivering them according to the demands of clients. Property projects are managed using quality personnel. We will proceed to find new clients in a multitude of industries in order to support a continued growth of our business.”

“These are considered the challenges for this year,” he concluded.

PLUS Property currently manages some 300 residential projects and commercial buildings, looking after a combined area of 13 million square metres. Those interested in PLUS’s services can get more information from or by dialling 02-688-7555.

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