Trio puts 5G technology to work

Trio puts 5G technology to work

Pictured from left are Mr Liao, Mr Roongrote and Mr Somchai at the MoU signing.
Pictured from left are Mr Liao, Mr Roongrote and Mr Somchai at the MoU signing.

Industrial conglomerate Siam Cement Group (SCG), telecom operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) and global tech powerhouse Huawei Technologies have joined hands to develop autonomous vehicle systems for industrial zones powered by 5G.

The trio is also working on the project with two Chinese partners -- Yutong, an electric vehicle (EV) operator, and Waytous, an industrial wireless vehicle systems developer.

Unmanned electric trucks are able to send and receive commands to and from their counterparts via AIS's 5G private network using its smart autonomous vehicles solutions platform. The platform manages routing for the shipment of materials and equipment in industrial zones.

The system, which will be deployed at SCG's industrial locations, promotes productivity remotely and reduces personal risk, the three companies said in a statement.

Roongrote Rangsiyopash, president of SCG, said the cooperation paves the way for a self-driving transport system that improves capabilities such as route planning for the transportation of raw materials between vehicles continuously, quickly and safely, especially in terms of hazardous tasks.

The system supports environmentally friendly development by using precise travel planning technologies and EV trucks, thereby reducing the release of carbon dioxide by more than 35% annually compared with the traditional method of transportation, he said.

AIS chief executive Somchai Lertsutiwong said 5G technology is instrumental in unlocking industrial power.

The company is dedicated to 5G development with 1,420 megahertz of bandwidth in total on its spectrum ranges for consumers and industrial partners, he said.

The AIS 5G private network can control command signals between SCG's many remote sites due to 5G capabilities with low latency of less than 20 milliseconds and connections with a large array of sensors. These can work with a smart route management platform for the shipment of materials and equipment to and from an industrial zone, he said.

"There is a continuous mutual connection to minimise downtime, to provide yet another boost to productivity for the industrial sector, while also promoting work safety in risky situations," Mr Somchai said.

Alan Liao, president of the carrier business group of Huawei Technologies (Thailand), said the partnership would bring practical applications of 5G technology in the management of running route planning for the transport of equipment locally.

"This is a huge benefit to industry, helping to develop a safer, more agile and digitally transformed electric truck transportation system," said Mr Liao.

He said Huawei will use its knowledge, expertise and experience to advance the smart autonomous vehicle solutions by working with industry partners to boost capabilities to be more efficient and cut carbon emissions.

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