Kitti to steer B.Grimm's Industrial Businesses

Kitti to steer B.Grimm's Industrial Businesses

Mr Kitti has been appointed president of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses.
Mr Kitti has been appointed president of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses.

Multinational conglomerate B.Grimm has named Kitti Pattanaleenakul, a business strategist behind Siam Cement Group's (SCG) global outlook, as the new president of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses.

Mr Kitti succeeds Fabrice Goetschmann, who resigned in September.

The appointment of Mr Kitti, who was until recently China business director for SCG International Corp and SCG China country director for Siam Cement Plc, illustrates B.Grimm management's desire to expedite its branch of industrial businesses which encompasses 13 subsidiaries, covering building materials, energy equipment, cooling and transportation.

Mr Kitti was credited with SCG's partnering with leading Chinese companies in the field of advanced technology to bring new trends and fresh business opportunities to the firm through collaboration and merger and acquisition.

He was cited as being instrumental in SCG's expanded international footprint which saw its annual revenues leap from 5 billion baht to 8 billion baht, while the number of its overseas branches soared from 15 to 36 in 25 countries within just 3.5 years.

Mr Kitti singled out good teamwork as being a key factor for success, a major consideration that he will adopt in driving his mission at B.Grimm's Industrial Businesses.

"My top priority is to boost collaboration and teamwork among our units, so we can offer an all-in-one solution to make customers feel more value-for-money," he said.

"Selling products alone is no longer enough, we must provide more valuable services to customers, creating more solutions that are different from competitors to meet what customers want most."

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