Bluebell aims to triple growth in bond sales

Bluebell aims to triple growth in bond sales

Expected to generate B15bn this year

Bluebell Securities, the operator of an online bond subscription system, is aiming for 300% growth in bond sales to 15 billion baht this year and plans to launch four new products starting in the second quarter.

Chief executive Narisara Chaiwathana said although Bluebell is a new player in the industry, the company aims to quadruple growth this year with its business plan.

Bluebell received a securities licence from the Finance Ministry in March last year and was authorised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to begin operating a securities business that underwrites debt securities in mid-June.

The company started selling debt securities in June, achieving 5.5 billion baht in sales of debentures within six months of commencing operations.

"I am confident Bluebell will be able to make a big difference under our vision of 'Growing Your Wealth Together', raising the standard of the fixed income business," said Ms Narisara.

Bluebell plans to expand its portfolio this year with four new products and services, including digital bonds, mutual fund products, secondary market fixed income services, and crowdfunding products.

Ms Narisara says Bluebell aims to launch a digital bond service in the second quarter.

She said most investors only consider the credit rating and financial statements of the issuers when making an investment decision. But for Bluebell's team of analysts, it is important to consider both credit analysis and the attractiveness of the bond investment when compared with other bonds, said Ms Narisara.

Bluebell also uses criteria to assess the financial position of bond issuers, such as cash flow and growth prospects, as well as financing channels from various sources of their business. All of these could reflect the ability to repay debt.

Bluebell believes the bond market will be sustainable when all parties receive returns appropriate to their risks, she said.

The digital bond service slated for the second quarter is meant to provide investors with convenient access to information about bonds. In the third quarter, the company wants to expand its mutual fund products.

Bluebell plans to launch secondary market bond services and crowdfunding products in the third and fourth quarters to offer a full range of bond options, said Ms Narisara.

The company also wants to go digital by developing a 24-hour online debentures transaction system to meet the needs of investors in the digital era who want simplicity and comfortable access, she said.

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