ICC International slips into Regal offer

ICC International slips into Regal offer

ICC International Plc, the Saha Group's marketing arm for fashion, shoes and cosmetics, plans to double its shoe sales to 1 billion baht annually in three years.

Khanisorn Suyanand, vice-president of the shoe division, shows off some of Regal’s collection. ICC International wants to double shoe sales to 1 billion baht in three years.

Khanisorn Suyanand, vice-president of the shoe division, said sales of major brands including Naturalizer, Elle, BSC and Regal stood at 500 million baht last year.

The company hopes to increase shoe sales this year so the business can be a fifth pillar along with Wacoal, Arrow, La Coste and BSC.

Mr Khanisorn said demand for fashion shoes is evergreen because of changing consumer lifestyles.

Yesterday ICC announced a plan to promote Regal, the Japanese men's shoe brand celebrating its 50th anniversary. ICC will focus on marketing to the younger generation, which has high spending habits and an active lifestyle.

Its new collection, Regal Classic Handcraft, has two-tone colours via a brush-off-technique.

ICC plans to open 10 new Regal outlets this year. Because of the free-trade agreement between Thailand and Japan, it expects to import a larger Regal collection here. Imports cost between 5,000-10,000 baht per pair, while locally made Regal shoes are between 3,000-5,000 baht.

ICC has imported and distributed Regal shoes in the Thai market since 1989. The shoes are produced at Saha Group's subsidiary International Leather Fashion Co located at Sriracha Industrial Estate in Chon Buri province.

The factory has a production capacity of about 50,000 pairs per month. About 75% of the output is exported to Japan with 25% for the domestic market.

Sales of Regal shoes in Thailand totalled 70-80 million baht last year and are expected to rise by 30% to 90-100 million baht this year.

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