Joint electronics brand plan for exports

Joint electronics brand plan for exports

Ten companies producing electronic products have agreed to use a single brand name in exporting their products to other Asean countries to strengthen their joint access to the market.

Delta Electronics (Thailand) employees are at work at the firm's plants in Samut Prakan province. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Wisanu Limviboon, chairman of Electricity, Electronic and Telecommunication Club of the Federation of Thai Industries, said they agreed to cooperatein producing products under one brand, a flagship brand, to penetrate Asean markets and prepare for the arrival of the Asean Economic Community (AEC).

He said many Thai electrical and electronic appliances were produced by small brands, and it would be difficult for these manufacturers to get a foothold in foreign markets because they  would not be able to compete with large manufacturers This move would help overcome that handicap.

Joint branding would also help reduce marketing costs.

“There are many Thai brands in a variety of products, but each brand produces only a few different items. It would be better to choose only one strong brand as a flagship to explore the market,” he said.

In the initial stage, about 10 companies expressed interest in joining the project.

Asked about quality problems with products from different suppliers, Mr Wisanu said he was confident that there would not be a problem as all manufacturers must get their products approved by the Thai Industrial Standard Institute.

He said Thai products were of high quality and have been exported worldwide, and  all suppliers are on quality par with each other.  

The club felt the competitiveness of Thai electrical appliances and electronic products currently ranked third in Asean, after Singapore and Malaysia, but Vietnam was on the rise with several mobile companies having invested there. 

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