New E-commerce Trends Continue to Take Hold In Thailand

New E-commerce Trends Continue to Take Hold In Thailand

Southeast Asia is booming with e-commerce business that is changing the way people in the region think about shopping. Although in Thailand there are still massive markets with self-employed small-time entrepreneurs, things have begun to shift online in a huge way, even with very small businesses. A small market stall can easily go online with sales and marketing through Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, at little or no cost. These online marketplaces are becoming a major part of the shopping culture.

There is definitely room for some more big players in the market because of the obvious pitfalls of dealing with small social media stores, such as non-secure payments and the lack of standardized delivery methods. Although there are unique Facebook stores, full of original clothing and sometimes second-hand goods, bigger players will command the market for appliances, electronics, gadgets, household items and so on, because of the variety, safety and convenience of larger online storefronts.

New e-commerce business models are hitting the web offering improved engagement and new sales tactics. E-commerce is becoming much more than just an online storefront. For example, a new trend that is catching the eyes of many in Thailand is the online auction which allows the consumer to buy products at unbeatable prices, as well as adding an element of fun to the market. is leading this trend in Thailand and has gained great traction with its auctions starting at 1 THB. While others have stuck to the pay per bid model, the free and easy sign-up and free bidding seem to be propelling the company to success. Unlike Ebay and other marketplaces, this is a strictly business-to-consumer model that eliminates the struggles consumers have in dealing with unprofessional users of the marketplace. They also offer bank transfers to all the major Thai banks, cash on delivery, and secure online payments. Traditional E-commerce sites still play a role in the market but, with new fun ways to shop online, a big change is on the horizon!

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