DA+PP label eyes expansion

DA+PP label eyes expansion

Dapper General Apparel Co, producer and marketer of the DA+PP fashion brand, has announced plans for joint ventures with local partners in China, Taiwan and Vietnam next year.

Sirithip Sripaisal, founder of the DA+PP label, said the company was negotiating with local partners in the fashion industry in China and Taiwan to form joint ventures to operate DA+PP fashion shops in those countries next year.

It will also enter into a joint venture with a local fashion distributor in Vietnam that is already distributing DA+PP products in that country.

Ms Sirithip said joint ventures would be in markets where DA+PP fashion products had received wide acceptance.

DA+PPs modern vintage street fashions are now sold in multibrand stores in Vietnam, online in Malaysia and small fashion shops in China.

"Consumer response has been better than expected thanks to our merchandise being so easy to wear and accessible," Ms Sirithip said.

"DA+PP's success stems from the comprehensive experience I've received working at Dapper."

She debuted DA+PP five years ago as a sister brand to Dapper, the fashion brand founded by her father 36 years ago.

The company has 13 DA+PP shops nationwide and five in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

It plans to open a second Indonesian shop at Central Department Store in Jakarta next year.

The company expects to have a total of 30 DA+PP shops five years from now.

In the US, DA+PP products have been available online via New York-based websites for 10 years, and the company is considering opening a shop in that country.

"We see a huge potential to expand our business to capture the growing Asian-American population in the US," Ms Sirithip said.

At the same time, the company plans to launch a global online shopping platform in the next two months.

E-commerce teams were recently set up to provide online shopping for customers worldwide.

Some 20% of DA+PP products will be sold exclusively online.

Sales of 1 million baht a month are expected from the online channel.

The company also plans to introduce a new fashion brand in the near future that will provide fashion products to all customer groups.

Dapper General Apparel expects annual sales of 300 million baht in 2020, up from 120 million last year.

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