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JKN ramps up digital offerings

JKN ramps up digital offerings

JKN Global Media Co, a content management and distribution company, will supply more content to digital TV channels amid growing competition.

This will leave JKN in a stronger position in the highly competitive industry.

Chief executive Jakkaphong Jakrajuthatip said he hoped to serve various audience groups with digital TV content.

"It's the right time for JKN to provide a full scale of international programmes for digital TV operators as they can help them save costs and time to produce their own programmes," he said.

The advantage of JKN in providing global content is in its quality, value and convenience.

Mr Jakkaphong said the transition of digital TV had attracted content providers and TV channel operators who are new or have satellite and cable TV experience.

Defined as the number one and only serious global content provider in Thailand, JKN targets at least 1 billion baht revenue this year thanks to increasing demand from digital TV channels.

Mr Jakkaphong said revenue had increased 300% in the past two years after the emergence of digital TV, which required a lot of content for operators to run channels and set themselves apart from others.

Of total revenue, 65% came from providing content for digital and pay-TV channels, 25% from advertising and the rest from product merchandising.

JKN's content has now reached its clients in platforms including 24 digital TV channels, cable and satellite TV, home video, print, product merchandising and video on demand.

Clients include Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, MCOT's Channel 9, True4U, Workpoint TV and some pay-TV channels on the TrueVisions system.

Mr Jakkaphong expects to provide content to the online platform and more broadcasters including more digital TV channels and 200 cable and satellite channels.

"The TV industry has a lot of chances in the next 3-5 years with more digital TV operators wishing to get quality content to survive and draw more viewers," he said.

JKN is a global content distributor of Asian drama series, Hollywood movies, variety shows, talk shows, concert programmes and animation.

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