True's growth in 5G revenue hits 15% per year
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True's growth in 5G revenue hits 15% per year

Manat: Tourism key to economic recovery
Manat: Tourism key to economic recovery

True Corporation has focused on expanding its 5G usage among tourists, with 60% of inbound visitors applying for its telecom service, and the company recording 5G revenue growth of 15% per year.

The company plans to expand its 5G coverage from 90% of the country's population at present to 98% within two years, said chief executive Manat Manavutiveth.

True's 5G service has 11 million users and total network capacity sufficient to serve 17 million users nationwide. The 5G service's average revenue per user (ARPU) per month stands at roughly 500 baht, 20% higher than the rate for its 4G service.

The 4G service's ARPU stands at 400 baht per month for post-paid service packages and 109 baht per month for pre-paid service packages.

True Corp has 50 million subscribers.

"The tourism sector is a core engine for the country's economic recovery," Mr Manat said.

He said the number of inbound tourists this year is expected to reach 38 million, exceeding the forecast of 35 million. Among the foreign arrivals, the top three by nationality so far have been Chinese, Malaysian and Indian citizens.

The company has developed infrastructure, applications driven by artificial intelligence (AI), and packages with incentives via its outlets and other retailers in preparation for adoption among tourists.

Thailand's internet penetration rate is 88% per person, with a household internet penetration rate of 43.7%. Thailand ranks 11th globally in terms of home internet speed and 2nd within Asean. This increased accessibility supports Thailand in leveraging geographic advantages and soft power to elevate its digital services' global competitiveness.

The potential of connectivity and digital technology will play a crucial role in promoting the soft power of each province in Thailand, including arts, cultural heritage, cuisine, and regional festivals that appeal to tourists, Mr Manat noted.

The speed of 5G connectivity and nationwide coverage provided by True networks will not only meet the lifestyle needs of tourists but also boost local businesses related to tourism, including providers of accommodation, restaurants, along with tourist venue booking.

True recently launched a campaign entitled "True Nationwide, Throughout Everyone" under the concept of "True Power, Connecting the Nation".

Prathet Tankuranun, True's chief technology officer, said the latest move lets tourists access essential apps quickly such as maps, info searches, and restaurant apps.

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