TAT drive to court female travellers

TAT drive to court female travellers

Photo by Krit Phromsaka Na Kakolnakorn
Photo by Krit Phromsaka Na Kakolnakorn

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will officially launch the "Lady's Month" on April 28, a special campaign targeting female tourists in August.

The TAT said it saw the potential of female tourists, who it believes are the decision makers when planning trips. The global income of women had risen to US$18 trillion in 2013, up from $13 trillion in 2009 and almost half of the global population is female, with 33 million in Thailand, it said.

Besides, the compound growth of international female arrivals averaged 11.4% during 2007-2014, compared with the rate of male arrivals at 5.9%.

The promising "Pank" (professional aunt, no kids) market has the potential to boost multigenerational travel, especially in Europe and the US.

Last year, the top three popular activities for female foreign travellers in Thailand were sampling Thai food, going to the beach, and spa and wellness services. Spending on Thai food was estimated at 41.5 billion baht, going to the beach 13.3 billion baht, and spa and wellness services 13.1 billion baht.

Srisuda Wanapinyosak, deputy for international marketing for Asia and the South Pacific, said since Thailand's Mother's Day falls on Aug 12, the TAT thought it was a good theme to boost both the domestic and international markets.

The TAT will team up with airlines and hotels to woo female travellers with special offers and six special activities for women will be kicked off.

The activities are Lady Golf Challenge, Lady Celebrities to Thailand, Ladies Photo Contest in Thailand 2016, Lady in Thai Fabrics, Lady Bloggers' Journey, and Mobile Application "Lady Journey".

The TAT appointed popular golfer Vani Kapoor to be golf ambassador for the campaign. The TAT's 27 overseas offices and travel agents will sell golf package tours in which tourists can join golf celebrities from Japan and South Korea, said Ms Srisuda.

The Ladies Photo Contest in Thailand 2016 will promote tourism sites via photos by popular female photographers. Meanwhile the Lady Celebrities to Thailand will invite bloggers and online influencers from South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore to boost media exposure.

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