Footbridge with powerpole through it fixed

Footbridge with powerpole through it fixed

Mysterious footbridge with power pole built into it went viral around world & nicknamed
Mysterious footbridge with power pole built into it went viral around world & nicknamed "Stairway to heaven" (Source: Khaosod).

After going viral around world & causing great embarrassment, power pole quickly removed from footbridge.


Power pole removed from pedestrian stairs

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An electricity pole rising up through the stairway of a new pedestrian bridge quickly went viral on social media.

After going viral and causing great embarrassment, the power pole was quickly removed from the footbridge on Monday.

"Couldn't someone get electrocuted?," several netizens wondered.

"Which came first, the bridge or the pole?," others asked in curiousity.

"Why would anyone do something like that?." yet others asked not quite believing what they saw.

Nonthaburi governor Nisit Chanthasomwong personally ordered the power pole to be removed immediately after nearby residents filed a complaint.

Metropolitan Electricity Authority workers on Monday remove the annoying pole that partially blocked the stairway, built around it, on this new pedestrian overpass in Muang district of Nonthaburi. (Metropolitan Electricity Authority)


The stairs for this new pedestrian bridge were built around this annoying power pole.. (Photo by Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)

The pole was located in front of Thananan housing estate on Ratchaphruek Road in Nonthaburi.

The pole was relocated away from the stairway and the high voltage power line along with it.

The work would be completed by Tuesday, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) said on its Twitter account and apologised for what happened.

The location of the utility pole, which blocked the stairs, sparked heated comments about the construction of the footbridge (pedestrian walkway, pedestrian bridge).


The footbridge was built for the Rural Highways Department, to make it safer for people to cross the main road.

Manus Singsanga, the rural highways provincial office chief, said the MEA had been asked in July last year to relocate the pole so the department could build the footbridge.


The firm contracted to build the bridge said that they could not delay construction any longer because it could be fined for not finishing the job on time -  so they decided to build the stairway straight through the pole.

The construction firm was reported to be Sitthiruek Civil Engineering Co and the bridge cost 4.2 million baht.

(Source: Facebook of Komsarn Pokong)

(Source: Facebook of Komsarn Pokong)

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  • apologise: to say you are sorry for doing something wrong or for causing a problem - ขอโทษ
  • authority (noun): a person or government agency who has the power to make decisions or enforce the law - เจ้าหน้าที่ผู้มีอำนาจ
  • block: to stop someone/ something from moving through or along something else - ปิดกั้น, กีดขวาง
  • comment (noun): expressing an opinion - การแสดงความคิดเห็น
  • complete (verb): to finish something; to bring some project to an end after having done everything successfully - ทำเสร็จ, ทำให้สมบูรณ์
  • construction: the work of building or making something, especially buildings, bridges, etc. - การก่อสร้าง
  • delay (noun): causing to happen at a later time; happening at a later time than expected - การเลื่อน, ช้ากว่าปกติ
  • electricity pole: the many tall poles with electricity wires that run along the side of the road - เสาไฟฟ้า
  • embarrassment: a feeling of being nervous or ashamed because of what people know or think about you - ความขวยเขิน, ความกระดากอาย
  • firm: a business or company - บริษัท
  • footbridge: small bridge that people can walk across, over a road or river -
  • governor: a person who is chosen to be in charge of the government of a state or province or a government agency - ผู้ว่าการรัฐ, ผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัด
  • heated: angry - โกรธ, ฉุนเฉียว
  • highway: a main road for travelling long distances, especially one connecting and going through cities and towns - ทางหลวง, ทางสายใหญ่
  • housing estate: an area containing a large number of houses or apartments built close together at the same time - หมู่บ้านจัดสรร, บ้านจัดสรร
  • in curiousity: interested about something strange -
  • location: where someone or something is - ที่ตั้ง,ทำเล
  • metropolitan: relating to a large city - เกี่ยวกับเมืองใหญ่
  • netizen: a person who uses the Internet a lot - พลเมืองเครือข่ายคอมพิวเตอร์
  • pedestrian: a person who walks, especially in an area where vehicles go - คนเดินถนน, คนเดินเท้า
  • pedestrian bridge (noun): a bridge for people walking across a busy road - สะพานลอย
  • personally: used for saying that you talking about yourself or are giving your own opinion - โดยส่วนตัว
  • power line (noun): a large wire carrying electricity to homes and businesses -
  • provincial (adj): related to "provinces" , the different parts of a country - ประจำจังหวัด, ส่วนท้องถิ่น
  • public works: building projects such as schools, roads, and railways that are built and paid for by the government - การโยธาสาธารณะ, สิ่งก่อสร้าง (ถนนหนทาง,เขื่อนที่ทำการไปรษณีย์และอื่น ๆ) ที่เป็นสาธารณูปโภค
  • relocate: to move someone or something to another place - โยกย้ายประชาชนออกจากบริเวณ
  • remove (verb): to take something away - เอาออกจาก
  • rural: connected with the countryside outside big towns and cities  - ในชนบท, บ้านนอก
  • social media: the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. - เครือข่ายสังคมออนไลน์
  • spark: to make something happen - ก่อให้เกิด
  • stairway (noun): a set of stairs inside or outside a building - ทางบันได, บันได
  • viral: (of a video, photo, story, etc.) spread across the internet very quickly (like a virus spreading a disease) as people share it with their friends or the news media reports on it - แพร่กระจายผ่านทางอินเทอร์เน็ตอย่างรวดเร็ว
  • walkway (noun): footpath, pavement, sidewalk - ทางเดินเท้า, ทางเท้า
  • wonder: to think about something because you want to know more facts or details about it - สงสัย
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