Shorty the dog leads Chiang Mai University up Doi Suthep

Shorty the dog leads Chiang Mai University up Doi Suthep

Shorty, homeless dog but unofficial mascot of Chiang Mai University, leading the charge up Doi Suthep.
Shorty, homeless dog but unofficial mascot of Chiang Mai University, leading the charge up Doi Suthep.

Shorty's story of a happy stray dog & unofficial leader of the annual freshmen run (or walk) up Doi Suthep is well-documented on his Facebook page.


Shorty the dog leads Chiang Mai University up Doi Suthep

Two Chiang Mai University traditions joined together Saturday to bring university spirit to a mighty crescendo.

First, Chiang Mai University has a long tradition of freshmen climbing up Doi Suthep at the beginning of the school year.

The university itself is located in the picturesque woods at the foot of scenic Doi Suthep which towers over the city of Chiang Mai with its ancient golden temple.

Shorty, the Chiang Mai University dog, walking with the students he adores (Source: Facebook Shorty Story)

Second, there is the famous university dog named Shorty (เตี้ย).

Technically, Shorty is a stray dog (sometimes also known as a "soi dog") but unlike typical stray dogs, it looks like the students take very good care of Shorty. 

The dog named Shorty can be along the side of many groups of students charging up Doi Suthep (Source: Facebook Shorty Story)

Shorty has been at the university for longer than any student, so he is designated as a member of the senior class.

When students gather together for any activity at the university, Shorty is likely to be there to participate too.

Shorty taking a break to scratch himself (Source: Facebook Shorty Story)

Shorty is no ordinary dog but rather a celebrity dog or "star of Chiang Mai University" with his own Facebook page "Shorty's Story" (เตี้ยสตอรี่) with over 44,953 likes (see here).

Every year, Shorty leads the new freshmen up Doi Suthep, running alongside them.

Shorty waiting to participate in the next charge up the hill (Source: Facebook Shorty Story)

This last Saturday, Shorty once again performed his ceremonial duties leading the charge up Doi Suthep.

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  • activity (noun): a thing that you do for work, interest or pleasure, or in order to achieve a particular aim - กิจกรรม
  • alongside: at the side of, side by side, parallel to - ข้างๆ, อยู่ถัดไป,อยู่ข้าง
  • ancient: very old - ที่เก่าแก่ ที่โบราณ
  • at the foot of: at the bottom of -
  • celebrity: someone who is famous, especially in the entertainment business - คนมีชื่อเสียง
  • ceremonial (adj): relating to or used in a ceremony - เกี่ยวกับพิธี
  • ceremony (noun): a formal public event - งานพิธี
  • charge: to run very fast towards something - โจมตี, จู่โจม
  • crescendo: increasing in power, magnitude or loudness -
  • designated: given; chosen for something - ที่ได้รับการแต่งตั้ง
  • document: to record the details of something - บันทึกข้อมูล
  • duty: something that you have to do because it is part of your job, or something that you feel is the right thing to do - หน้าที่, ความรับผิดชอบ
  • freshmen (noun): first-year students at a high school, university or college - น้องใหม่, น.ศ. ปีหนึ่งในวิทยาลัยหรือมหาวิทยาลัย
  • known as (verb): has the name .... -
  • leadership: the leaders of a group; the people in charge of a group of people; who manages them and "leads" them in doing some activity - ผู้นำ
  • located: where something is - ตั้งอยู่
  • member: a person, a country or an organization that has joined a particular group, club or team - สมาชิก
  • mighty: powerful - มีกำลัง, เข้มแข็ง
  • ordinary: not unusual or different in any way - ธรรมดา, ปกติ
  • participate: to take part in or become involved in an activity - มีส่วน
  • participate: to take part in something - เข้าร่วม
  • perform: to put on a show for people, e.g., singing, playing a sport, etc - แสดง
  • perform duties: to do what your job requires - ปฏิบัติหน้าที่
  • picturesque: pretty, especially in a way that looks old-fashioned - สวย,งดงาม,น่าดู,เหมือนภาพวาด
  • scenic: providing beautiful views of nature - สวยงามอย่างธรรมชาติ
  • senior: the final year of high school or university - นักศึกษาชั้นปีสุดท้าย
  • spirit: courage, determination or energy - เจตนา, ความมุ่งมั่น
  • stray: an animal that is lost or has left its home - สัตว์ที่หลงทาง
  • technically: according to accepted methods of doing something - ทางเทคนิค
  • tower: to be very high or tall - สูงลิ่ว, สูงตระหง่าน, สูงเสียดเมฆ
  • tradition: a very old custom, belief, or story - ประเพณี, ขนบธรรมเนียม
  • typical: happening in the usual way; showing what something is usually like - ตามแบบฉบับ, ตามปกติ
  • woods: an area of trees, smaller than a forest - ป่าไม้
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