Facebook motorcyclists block road in protest over cop

Facebook motorcyclists block road in protest over cop

Motorcyclist members of Motorcyclist's Liberation facebook page gather to protest traffic police running over foot of fellow motorcyclist who only wanted an explanation of the ticket he received (Source: Post Today & Facebook video)
Motorcyclist members of Motorcyclist's Liberation facebook page gather to protest traffic police running over foot of fellow motorcyclist who only wanted an explanation of the ticket he received (Source: Post Today & Facebook video)

To protest foot-trampling traffic cop, Motorcyclists' Liberation Facebook Page members gather & block Rama IV road in Bangkok.


Facebook motorcyclists block road in protest over cop

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Over 100 disgruntled motorcyclists on Sunday blocked all four lanes of a road beneath Rama IV Expressway in a protest over a dispute involving a traffic police officer and a motorcyclist..

Motorcyclists blocked the road at around 11am on Sunday, causing heavy traffic congestion on Rama IV Road.

Most of the protesters were members of Pod-aek Chao Songlor [ Motorcyclists’ Liberation ] Facebook page.


The protest came after a traffic policeman ran over a man's foot after refusing to listen to the man's explanation.

The incident took place on Nov 21 and a video clip was posted to social media by the angry man named Owat Kwaithai.

A police officer issued him a traffic ticket for violating traffic regulations at a road checkpoint in front of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on Nov 21.

The man wanted the traffic police to explain why he had to use the right lane but the officer shunned this explanation and scolded him.

Motorcyclists, upset over a clip involving a traffic police and one rider, move to the Traffic Police Division to lodge a complaint after ending a road blockage on Rama IV Road on Sunday. (Photo by Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)


The video clip sparked an outcry from members of the facebook group who were earlier upset with traffic rules barring motorcycles from using bridges, tunnels and the right lane.

The protest prompted traffic inspector Pol Lt Col Sironnawit Inthorn to hold talks with the protesters.

After negotiations lasting about 20 minutes, the angry motorcyclists agreed to end the road blockage before moving to the Traffic Police Division on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.


At 1pm, representatives of the protest group lodged a complaint with the Traffic Police Division against Pol Sub Lt Supachai Kritsanaseranee, who was in the clip, for his inappropriate conduct (misconduct). 

Peerasit Jirawongpaisarn, administrator of the Pod-aek Chao Songlor Facebook page, said the accused officer had looked down on the motorcyclist in the clip.

His group also cast doubts on the setting up of road checkpoints as they wanted to know whether the stops help facilitate traffic flow or just allow officers to impose fines to lift the number of traffic violations.


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  • accused: to be said to have done something wrong or committed a crime - ถูกกล่าวหา
  • administrator (noun): someone whose job is to manage a business, organisation, institution or website - ผู้บริหาร
  • bar: to officially not allow someone to do something or go somewhere - ห้าม
  • block: to stop someone/ something from moving through or along something else - ปิดกั้น, กีดขวาง
  • blockage: a thing that blocks flow or movement, for example of a liquid in a narrow place - การปิดกั้น, การปิดล้อม, การขัดขวาง
  • casts doubt on: to make people feel less sure about or have less trust in something or someone - ลดความเชื่อถือ, ทำให้สงสัย
  • checkpoint: a place where people are stopped and questioned and vehicles are examined, especially at a border between two countries - ด่านตรวจ
  • clip: a short piece or segment of video or audio; a video clip or audio clip -
  • complaint: when someone says that something is wrong or not satisfactory - การบ่น, ข้อที่ไม่พอใจ
  • conduct: the way someone behaves, especially in relation to particular rules or accepted ways of behaving - ความประพฤติ
  • convention: a large formal meeting of people who do a particular job or have a similar interest, or a large meeting for a political party - การประชุมใหญ่
  • disgruntled: disappointed and annoyed about something - ซึ่งทำให้ไม่พอใจ, ซึ่งทำให้ขุ่นเคือง
  • dispute: a serious disagreement - ข้อโต้แย้ง
  • division (noun): one part of a large company or organisation - แผนก
  • doubts (noun): feelings of being uncertain about something/someone or not believing something - ความสงสัย
  • explanation (noun): a description of how something happened or happens; giving the reasons why it happened - การอธิบาย, การชี้แจง, การขยายความ, คำอธิบาย
  • facilitate: to make it possible or easier for something to happen - ทำให้สะดวกขึ้น
  • impose: to introduce something and force people to accept it - กำหนด,บังคับใช้
  • inappropriate: unsuitable - ซึ่งไม่เหมาะสม
  • incident: something that happens, usually something bad - เหตุการณ์
  • inspector: an officer of middle rank in the police force - สารวัตร
  • involving: taking part or having a role in something - เกี่ยวข้อง
  • issue: to give or provide something official - แจกจ่าย
  • lane: one of the parts that a wide road or motorway is divided into, marked by painted lines and intended for one line of traffic - ช่องทางเดินรถ
  • lasting: continuing to exist or have an effect for a long time - ที่กินเวลานาน
  • liberation: (in Buddhism) freedom from suffering; Nirvana - วิมุตติ, สถานที่สงบสุข
  • lodge: to formally make something such as a complaint or a claim - ยื่น (คำร้อง)
  • lodged a complaint: made a formal statement to someone in authority that someone has done something wrong - ยื่นคำร้อง
  • looked down on: to fail to give someone respect - ดูถูก
  • member: a person, a country or an organization that has joined a particular group, club or team - สมาชิก
  • misconduct: unacceptable or bad behaviour by someone in a position of authority or responsibility - การประพฤติผิด
  • negotiations: formal discussion in which people or groups try to reach an agreement - การเจรจาต่อรอง
  • outcry: a strong expression of anger and disapproval about something, made by a group of people or by the public - การคัดค้านอย่างรุนแรง
  • prompt: to cause someone to take action - กระตุ้น
  • protest: a meeting or rally, sometimes forceful or violent, of people who strongly disagree with something - ชุมนุมประท้วง
  • protester: someone who shows that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc - ผู้ต่อต้าน, ผู้ประท้วง
  • ran over: when a car or motorcycle passes over a person or part of a person hurting them or killing them -
  • refuse (verb): to say or show that you will not do something; to say or show that you will not do something that someone has asked you to do - ปฏิเสธ
  • representative: someone who has been chosen or elected by a person or group to vote, give opinions, or make decisions for them - ผู้แทน
  • row: a serious disagreement about an issue between people, organisations or countries - การทะเลาะวิวาท
  • scolded: told off someone of whose behavior you disapproved - ว่ากล่าว, ตำหนิ, เอ็ด
  • shun: to deliberately avoid a person, place or activity - หลบเลี่ยง
  • social media: the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. - เครือข่ายสังคมออนไลน์
  • spark: to make something happen - ก่อให้เกิด
  • talks (noun): negotiations; when two sides that disagree get together and "talk" to reach some agreement - การเจรจา, การเจรจาต่อรอง
  • ticket: an official notice that orders you to pay a fine because you have done something illegal while driving or parking your car - ใบสั่ง สำหรับผู้กระทำผิดกฎจราจร
  • took place (verb): happened (in the past) -
  • traffic: the number of cars, trucks and other vehicles traveling along a road at one time; also used for data traveling along a network - การจราจร
  • traffic police: the police who enforce the laws of the road, giving people tickets and fines for speeding, running red lights, reckless driving, etc -
  • tunnel: an underground passage through which vehicles travel - อุโมงค์
  • upset: to cause to be very worried, angry or sad about something   - ทำให้วิตกกังวล ทำให้หงุดหงิด
  • video clip (noun): a short piece of video, in YouTube, for example - คลิปวีดีโอ
  • violate: to do something that is against a law, rule or agreement - ฝ่าฝืน, ละเมิด
  • violation: the breaking of a rule or a law - การฝ่าฝืน
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