Get ready for April Fools' Day

Get ready for April Fools' Day

Last year Bangchak Petroleum PLC was forced to respond to an widely believed April Fools' Day prank announcing a big price reduction for its products.
Last year Bangchak Petroleum PLC was forced to respond to an widely believed April Fools' Day prank announcing a big price reduction for its products.

Tomorrow, April 1, is April Fools' Day. Guru editor Pornchai Sereemongkonpol has a quiz to test your ability to see what is real and what is fake.

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True or April Fool?

Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

To celebrate April Fools' Day (April 1) and prepare you for the barrage of hoaxes and false news, I've come up with a quiz to help you practise your discerning between true or false. Here are seven either unbelievable-but-true or outright fake stories that have happened in Thailand.

Your fun job is to decide which one is true (T) and which is an April Fool (F) joke and to write the corresponding letters in front of each story. The answers are at the end so no cheating or Google-ing!

..... 1. Minister of Tourism and Sports, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, discussed with Nestle a plan to produce Kit Kats in durian, tamarind and mangosteen flavours to boost tourism, similar to how the green tea Kit Kat became synonymous with Japan.

..... 2. Grab has introduced a new service called GrabTukTuk in addition to its taxi service. A ride on the signature three-wheeled vehicle was elevated. The passengers would get to pay fixed-fares instead of negotiating prices on the spot and they'd also be able to see the driver coming to get them on the map in real time.

..... 3. The Chiang Rai Municipality organised a rat-and-cockroach catching contest at a fresh market in order to keep it clean. Niyom Norkaew, the winner of the rat category, bagged 687 rats and was awarded with B10,305, a certificate and 1,374 chicken eggs. In the other category, Thip Insarn collected 3.5kg of cockroaches, becoming the champion for catching the universally hated insect.

..... 4. Two cats with a rare optical defect known colloquially as "diamond eye" were wedded in a lavish ceremony. Phet, the groom, arrived in a Rolls-Royce wearing a tux while Ploy, the bride, (not to be outdone) arrived in a helicopter wearing a pink gown. They were wedded human-style with a dowry, rings, and the likes. Vicharn, their owner, organised this happy occasion.

..... 5. A high-ranking police officer came up with an idea to punish police officers for their minor misconduct. The guilty officers would be moved to work in an office under supervision and forced to wear a shiny Hello Kitty armband with two hearts on it for a day. He reasoned that making his officers feel embarrassed for committing minor wrongs would deter them from committing bigger misconduct.

..... 6. The Nonthaburi Municipality organised a swimming contest between two men, a buffalo and a wild boar as part of its traditional annual boat race. The four contestants had to swim 600m across the Chao Phraya River.

..... 7. The US Embassy posted a job vacancy ad for a Feline Welfare Specialist whose main duty is to take care of the meow population living on the embassy's grounds. The position also requires organising vaccinations and check-up trips with the vets and creating cat-themed content for social media use. Desirable candidates must be fluent in Thai, English and Felinese.


1. T - You may already have seen this story on your Facebook news feed recently. Green curry and tom yum Kit Kats are, perhaps, in the pipeline too?

2. F - It was an April Fool joke Grab did last year but it sounded rather plausible. They may try to pull GrabLongtailboat on you this year.

3. T - This eww-inducing contest was reported by Manager Online in September of 2014. The rat catcher won the title for the third time in a row at the time of report, btw.

4. T - The two cats were wedded for real back in 1996. The ceremony took place at Ratchada Square Tower. Footage of this wedding is available on the AP Archive YouTube channel. The owner believed they brought him luck for his successful cosmetics business.

5. T - It's true according to various reports. Manager Online reported it in August of 2007. You got to accessorise your uniform with a cute Hello Kitty armband after you did something wrong? How was that a punishment?

6. T - It's real according to various reports. The race took place on Nov 30, 2009. You'll be happy to know that no animals were drowned in this unnecessary race. The pig finished last, of course. Animal cruelty, much?

7. F - Another April Fool joke from last year. The job ad was posted on the embassy's Facebook page along with a serious-looking letter and a link to its official website to fool the overly gullible ones. It was a rather obvious joke to me but one I remember wishing was true. g 

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  • accessorise (verb): to add fashionable items or extra decorations to something, especially to your clothes -
  • annual: happening every year - ทุกๆปีด, ประจำปี
  • armband: a cloth band worn around the arm as a sign of something, for example that somebody has an official position - ปลอกแขน
  • award: to give something to somebody as a prize, payment, etc - มอบให้
  • barrage: a large number or amount of something, especially something bad like criticism - การระดมโจมตี
  • boar: a wild pig - หมูป่า
  • boost: to increase - เพิ่ม
  • bride: the woman at a wedding who is getting married - เจ้าสาว
  • candidate: one of the people being considered for a job - ตัวแทนที่ส่งเข้ารับตำแหน่ง
  • category: a group having similar qualities - ประเภท
  • ceremony (noun): a formal public event - งานพิธี
  • certificate: an official document or record stating that particular facts are true - ประกาศนียบัตร เกียรติบัตร
  • cockroach: a large brown insect with wings, that lives in houses, especially where there is dirt - แมลงสาบ
  • colloquially: used in informal everyday spoken language - ซึ่งเป็นภาษาพูด, ไม่เป็นทางการ, คำหรือวลีที่ใช้ในการพูดที่ไม่เป็นทางการ
  • commit: to do something wrong or illegal - ทำความผิด
  • content: the subject, ideas, or story that a piece of writing or a radio or television programme deals with - เนื้อหา,สาระ
  • contestant: someone who competes in a contest - ผู้แข่งขัน
  • corresponding (adj): matching or connected with something that you have just mentioned - ที่สอดคล้อง
  • cosmetics: substances that you put on your face or body which are intended to improve its appearance - เครื่องสำอาง
  • cruelty: behaviour that deliberately causes pain to other people or animals - อย่างโหดเหี้ยม
  • defect (noun): a fault in someone or something - ข้อบกพร่อง, จุดอ่อน
  • desirable: that it is good to have or that people want to have -
  • deter: to make someone decide not to do something - ขัดขวาง, ยับยั้ง, ป้องกัน
  • discern: to see or hear something - สังเกตออก, มองเห็น,มองออก
  • dowry: money and/or property that, in some societies, a husband must pay to his wife's family when they get married ; money and/or property that, in some societies, a wife or her family must pay to her husband when they get married; - สินสอดทองหมั้น, สินสมรส
  • drown: to sink under water and die - จมน้ำ
  • duty: something that you have to do because it is part of your job, or something that you feel is the right thing to do - หน้าที่, ความรับผิดชอบ
  • embarrassed (adj): feeling uncomfortable, nervous, worried or ashamed about something that you have done or something that has happened - รู้สึกอาย
  • embassy: a group of officials who represent their government in a foreign country - สถานทูต
  • fake: made to look or seem like something real to trick people - ปลอม, เทียม, เก๊
  • fare: the money that you pay for a journey - ค่าโดยสาร
  • feline: connected with an animal of the cat family; like a cat - เกี่ยวกับสัตว์ตระกูลแมว, เป็นของแมว
  • flavour: how food or drink tastes - รสชาติ
  • fluent: able to speak, read or write a language, especially a foreign language, easily and well - คล่อง, พูดหรือเขียนได้อย่างคล่องแคล่ว
  • footage: film or video of a particular subject or event - ฟิลม์หรือคลิปภาพยนตร์ หรือวิดีโอ
  • fresh market (noun): a market selling fresh vegetables - ตลาดสด
  • gown: a woman's dress, especially a long one for special occasions - เสื้อคลุม
  • groom (bridegroom): a man on his wedding day, or just before or just after it - เจ้าบ่าว
  • grounds: the area surrounding a building - บริเวณ,เขต,สถานที่
  • guilty: having done something wrong, having the feeling that you have done something wrong - มีความผิด
  • gullible: a gullible person is easy to trick because they trust and believe people too easily - โดนหลอกง่าย
  • hate (verb): to dislike someone/something very much - เกลียด
  • high-ranking: senior; important - ที่มียศสูง, ที่อยู่ชั้นสูง
  • hoax: a plan to deceive someone, such as telling the police there is a bomb somewhere when there is not one, or a trick - การหลอกลวง,เล่ห์กระเท่ห์,เล่ห์เหลี่ยม
  • in a row (idiom): straight; consecutive; happening one after the other, without interruption - ต่อเนื่อง
  • in order to (prep): to cause something, to make something happen - เพื่อ, เพื่อที่จะ
  • in the pipeline (adjective): working on it now, but not finished -
  • insect: any small creature with six legs and a body divided into three parts. Insects usually also have wings. Ants, bees and flies are all insects - แมลง, แมง
  • lavish: more than enough, especially if expensive - ฟุ่มเฟือย
  • minor: not important; small; having little influence or effect - เล็กน้อย
  • misconduct: unacceptable or bad behaviour by someone in a position of authority or responsibility - การประพฤติผิด
  • municipality: a town, city or district with its own local government - เทศบาล
  • negotiate: to try to reach an agreement by discussing something in a formal way - เจรจาต่อรอง
  • obvious: clear; easy to see, recognise or understand - ชัดเจน
  • occasion: a special event, ceremony or celebration - โอกาส, งาน
  • on the spot (idiom): at the particular place where you are - ในสถานที่ใดสถานที่หนึ่ง
  • optical (adj): used to help you see something more clearly; connected with the sense of sight or the relationship between light and sight - เกี่ยวกับสายตา
  • outdo (verb): to be better than someone else at doing something ("not to be outdone" is used for saying that someone is trying to prove that they can do something as well as or better than someone else) - ทำดีกว่า, เอาชนะ, พิชิต
  • outright: clear and direct, with nothing hidden - โดยสมบูรณ์, โดยทั้งหมด, ตรงไปตรงมา
  • plausible: reasonable and likely/possible to be true - น่ามีเหตุผล
  • population: a particular group of people or animals living in a particular area - กลุ่มที่อาศัยอยู่ในที่เดียวกัน
  • position: a job - ตำแหน่ง
  • punish: to make somebody suffer because they have broken the law or done something wrong - ทำโทษ
  • rare: not happening very often - เกิดขึ้นได้ยาก
  • real time: actual time; dealing with information as soon as it is received - ตามเวลาจริง
  • reason: to form a judgement about a situation by considering the facts and using your power to think in a logical way - คิดคำนวณในใจ,สรุป,ชี้แจงเหตุผล
  • signature (adj): something special or unique about someone or something; a particular quality that makes something different from other similar things and makes it easy to recognise - สัญลักษณ์
  • similar: like somebody/something but not exactly the same - คล้ายกัน
  • specialist: a person who is an expert in a particular area of work or study - ผู้ชำนาญเฉพาะทาง
  • supervision: the process of making sure that something is being done properly - การควบคุมดูแล การตรวจตรา
  • synonymous (adj): (of words or expressions) having the same, or nearly the same, meaning - มีความหมายเหมือนกัน
  • theme (noun): the subject or main idea in a talk, piece of writing or work of art - ประเด็นหลัก, ใจความสำคัญ, สาระสำคัญ
  • traditional (adj): of a custom, a way of life or a way of doing things that has not changed for a long time - เป็นประเพณี, ตามธรรมเนียม, ตามที่ปฏิบัติกันมา
  • tux (noun): tuxedo; a black or white jacket and trousers/pants, worn with a bow tie at formal occasions in the evening - ชุดสูทเข้าชุดกันของผู้ชายที่หางเสื้อด้านหลังไม่ยาว
  • universally: including all situations; involving or affecting everyone - โดยทั่วไป
  • vacancy: a job that no one is doing and is therefore available for someone new to do - ตำแหน่งว่าง
  • vaccination (noun): giving someone a vaccine, usually by injection to prevent them from getting a disease - การฉีดวัคซีน
  • vet (noun): (short form of veterinarian) a person with a medical degree trained to take care of the health of animals - สัตวแพทย์
  • wed: to marry - สมรส, แต่งงาน
  • welfare: help given, especially by the state or an organization, to people who need it; good care and living conditions - สวัสดิการ
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