PM to meet with Trump Oct 3 in Washington

PM to meet with Trump Oct 3 in Washington

The biggest revelation likely to come out of the Prayut-Trump meeting is the size of huge investments made recently in the US by Thai companies.
The biggest revelation likely to come out of the Prayut-Trump meeting is the size of huge investments made recently in the US by Thai companies.

Trade and security will top the agenda when Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha meets US President Donald Trump at the White House next week, officials say.

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PM, Trump to discuss trade and security


Trade and security will top the agenda when Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha meets US President Donald Trump at the White House next week, officials say.

The long-awaited meeting on Oct 3 will cover a range of issues from Thai companies investing in the United States to the strategic role Thailand could play in Asia, especially regarding the escalating conflict between Washington and Pyongyang, they said.

Issues to be tabled include "the increase in investment by Thai companies in the United States and the role we can play in coordinating on North Korea", a highly-placed source in the Thai government told the Bangkok Post.

Thai Summit, PTT, Banpu, Indorama Ventures, Thai Union Group and other companies have made heavy investments in the United States but not many have been publicised, the source said.

As part of the preparations, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will meet Gen Prayut and his economic team Wednesday to hammer out details. Mr Ross recently returned from a working trip to China.

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross (left) met with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the Zhongnanhai state guesthouse in Beijing, and then flew to Bangkok to help to prepare for the Trump-Prayut meeting at the White House next Monday. (Reuters photo)

The ongoing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and North Korea's nuclear programme are also seen as critically important subjects to be discussed, the source said.

Mr Trump, who in a statement called Thailand a "key partner and longstanding ally", is likely to want Bangkok to play an important security role in the region.

In his White House statement, Mr Trump said he "will discuss ways to strengthen and broaden bilateral relations and enhance cooperation".

The prime minister will be accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak, Foreign Affairs Minister Don Pramudwinai, Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paojinda, Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn and Deputy Defence Minister Udomdej Sitabutr.

The premier's trip, from Oct 2-4, is expected to help re-energise bilateral ties, advance mutual cooperation and reaffirm Thailand as Washington's oldest ally in Asia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Next year mark 200 years since ties were first established.

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  • accompanied (verb): with someone else going with you - ติดตาม, ร่วมทาง, เดินทางไปด้วย
  • advance (verb): to develop and improve - เลื่อนขั้น
  • agenda: a list of things that people will discuss at a meeting - ระเบียบวาระ
  • ally (noun): a person, group, organisation or country who helps and supports another person, group, organisation or country - คนกลุ่มหรือประเทศที่อยู่ในกลุ่มเดียวกัน; พันธมิตร
  • bilateral relations: relations involving two countries - ความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างสองประเทศ
  • broaden: to increase the range of something - ขยับขยาย
  • Commerce Secretary (noun): the head of the US Department of Commerce, a cabinet position similar to that of a Thai minister -
  • conflict: an angry disagreement between people or groups - ความขัดแย้ง
  • cooperation: working together to achieve a result that will benefit all sides - ความร่วมมือ, การทำงานร่วมกัน
  • coordinate: to organise the different parts of a job or plan so that the people involved work together effectively - ประสานงานกัน
  • crisis: an urgent, difficult or dangerous situation - วิกฤตการณ์
  • critically: in an important way -
  • deputy: a person whose rank is immediately below that of the leader of an organisation - รอง
  • details: small facts or pieces of information relating to a situation - รายละเอียด
  • economic (adj): connected with the trade, industry and development of wealth of a country, an area or a society - เกี่ยวกับเศรษฐกิจ, ในทางเศรษฐศาสตร์
  • enhance (verb): to increase; to further improve the good quality, value or status of someone/something - เสริม ยกระดับ เพิ่มทวี
  • escalate: to become much worse or more serious, or to make something do this - ทำให้เลวร้ายลง
  • establish (verb): to start something, e.g. a company, organisation, fund, project, etc. that will likely continue for a long time - สถาปนา, ก่อตั้ง, จัดตั้ง
  • hammer out: to work hard in order to come to an agreement - พูดคุยในรายละเอียดและตัดสินใจได้
  • invest: to spend money on something in order to make it better or more successful - ลงทุน
  • investment (noun): the act of investing money in something - การลงทุน
  • issue: matter; a subject that people discuss or argue about - ประเด็น
  • key: very important - ที่สำคัญ
  • long-awaited: people have been "waiting" a "long time" for this to happen -
  • longstanding (adj): that has existed or lasted for a long time - นาน, ยาวนาน
  • mark (verb): to show that something is happening or happened - เป็นเครืองแสดง เป็นการเริ่มต้น
  • minister: a member of the cabinet, the group of government ministers who make and approve government policy - รัฐมนตรี
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (noun): The ministry in charge of maintaining relations with other countries and looking after the interests of its citizens living abroad. - กระทรวงการต่างประเทศ
  • mutual: felt or done in the same way by each of two or more people - ซึ่งกันและกัน, ร่วมกัน, ทั้งสองฝ่าย
  • ongoing: happening at the present moment; continuing - ไม่หยุดยั้ง, ต่อเนื่อง
  • partner (noun): two people, businesses, organizations, etc that work together on some project or business - ผู้ร่วมมือ, ผู้ร่วมกระทำ
  • preparations (noun): things that you do to get ready for something or make something ready - การตระเตรียม
  • publicise: to make information about something generally available - เผยแพร่, ประกาศ
  • range: a number of different things that are of the same general type - ขอบข่าย
  • re-energise (verb): to give more energy, strength to -
  • reaffirm: to give your support to a person, plan, idea, etc. for a second time; to strengthen - ยืนยันใหม่
  • region: a large area of land or space, usually without exact limits or borders - ภูมิภาค, ขอบเขต, แถบ, บริเวณ
  • role: the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation, organisation, society or relationship - บทบาท
  • security: protection; safety from attack, harm, or damage - ความมั่นคง, ระบบรักษาความปลอดภั, ความปลอดภัย
  • source: someone who gives information - แหล่งข่าว
  • state: government - รัฐบาล
  • statement: something that you say or write that gives information or an opinion - แถลงการณ์, คำแถลง
  • strategic (adj): involving strategy and planning; important for achieving a particular goal, especially in war, business, or politics - ทางยุทธศาสตร์
  • table: to suggest formally in a meeting - เสนอเรื่องเข้าที่ประชุม
  • ties: relations; connections - ความสัมพันธ์
  • trade: the buying and selling of goods and services - การค้าขาย
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