Floods worsen

Floods worsen

Thailand experiences floods like those affecting Nakorn Ratchasima and surrounding provinces every year. Here’s a chance to learn the vocabulary used to describe them.

Vehicles make their way slowly through heavy flooding on Mittraphap Highway in Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima, yesterday. SAROT MEKSOPHAWAN

There aren’t a lot of ways to describe a flood, so it shouldn’t be surprising that almost all of the flood-related words and phrases in this story can be found on my flood-vocabulary list posted a week ago. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/cdfLV1

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And down came the rain

Residents cut off, trains halted, factories closed

Nakhon Ratchasima has declared 15 of its 20 districts disaster zones as flooding continues to wreak havoc on homes, farms and public services.

Flash floods caused by heavy rain swept a handful of provinces over the weekend, including Nakhon Ratchasima, Lop Buri, Nakhon Nayok, Chaiyaphum, Nakhon Sawan and Phetchabun.

The floods have brought train services to a halt and forced factories to close and residents to evacuate their homes.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, flooding is the worst in 50 years. Governor Rapee Pongbuppakit yesterday declared 15 districts disaster zones.

More than 100,000 residents were affected as floodwaters in most areas rose to more than one metre yesterday. More than 20,000 rai (3,200 hectares) of farmland have been inundated.

Pornsut Thongsard, of the State Railway of Thailand, said flash floods yesterday forced train services to a halt at three spots in Nakhon Ratchasima, one location in Chaiyaphum and one in Nakhon Sawan.

Solid rain submerged some sections of track in one to 1.2 metres of water.

More than 1,000 police were deployed to help motorists along Mittraphap Highway covering a wide stretch of the road from Nakhon Ratchasima’s Muang to Pak Chong districts.

In Pak Thong Chai district, more than 100 households in Muang Pak municipal area were isolated as severe flooding cut access roads and hampered efforts to evacuate residents.

eople wade through waist-deep water on a flooded road in Nakorn Ratchasima's Pak Chong district yesterday. SAROT MEKSOPHAWAN

In Sung Noen district, floods stranded hundreds of workers inside their workplaces for more than 10 hours.

Tiring of the wait, hundreds of staff from four factories in the Navanakorn Industrial Estate late yesterday waded through floodwaters up to 1.3 metres deep from their factories to the estate’s entrance.

Most factories at the industrial estate were closed temporarily.

In Lop Buri, three tambons in Muang district — Nikhom, Tasala and Kokko — and several areas in Chai Badan district were flooded after water levels in the Sub Lek and Sub Takien reservoirs overflowed the watergates.

In Nakhon Nayok, flash floods from the hills inundated more than 10 villages.

residents – people who live in a particular area ประชาชนที่อาศัยในท้องที่
halt – to stop หยุด
declare – to announce officially that something is true or happening ประกาศ
disaster –an unexpected event, such as a very bad accident, a flood or a fire, that kills a lot of people or causes a lot of damage ความหายนะ ความล่มจม ความโชคร้าย
zone – an area that has an important or typical feature; an area where a particular activity is allowed or not allowed พื้นที่, บริเวณ, เขต
wreak havoc – to create great disorder and confusion ทำลาย
flash flood – a flood that happens suddenly without warning น้ำที่เกิดท่วมในที่ต่ำโดยฉับพลันทันทีและไหลลดลงอย่างรวดเร็ว
sweep – to move through an area
evacuate – to cause to leave a place because it is not safe เคลื่อนย้ายออกจาก
inundated – flooded; submerged ท่วม, จมลงใต้น้ำ
submerge – to cause to be under water; to indundate  จมน้ำ ทำให้อยู่ใต้น้ำ
deploy – (of police or soldiers) to put in place ready for action ส่ง (ทหารตำรวจ) ประจำการ
stretch – a continuous area of land or water; a length or area of something like a road, water or land 
household – a group of people, often a family, who live together  ครัวเรือน
isolate – to set apart from; to disconnect from แยกออกมา ตั้งอยู่เดี่ยวๆ
access – the ability to go into a place or area การเข้าสู่
access road – a road that connects with a highway
hamper – to stop someone or something from making progress or developing; to hinder ขัดขวาง, เป็นอุปสรรค
stranded – left somewhere with no way of going anywhere else ปล่อยเกาะ ถูกทิ้งไว้
industrial estate – an area of land where industrial companies have their buildings นิคมอุตสาหกรรม 
wade – to walk with an effort through something, especially water or mud  ลุย เดินท่องน้ำ หรือ โคลน
reservoir – a natural or artificial lake where water is stored อ่างเก็บน้ำ
overflow – (of a river or body of water)  flooding the land next to it การไหลล้น
watergate (floodgate) – a gate that controls a flow of water in a river or lake ประตูน้ำ

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