Foreigners urged to get Covid jabs

Thailand's mass vaccination programme for Covid-19 kicks off next month -- including jabs for foreigners.

"All people living on Thai soil, Thais and foreign nationals alike, are requested to register for vaccination through designated channels, should they wish to receive the Covid-19 vaccine," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Natapanu Nopakun.

Foreign nationals are part of Thailand's efforts to achieve herd immunity in the country and are encouraged to get vaccinated, he said.

"Vaccinations for diplomats, members of international organisations and foreign media are coordinated by the Foreign Ministry. Foreign students are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. Migrant workers from neighbouring countries are taken care of by the Social Security Office," he said.

"Spouses of Thai citizens, retirees, investors and all other foreign nationals are advised to contact the hospital with their health record or make an on-site registration at designated vaccination venues.

"Businesses and organisations can also liaise with the Ministry of Public Health to organise vaccination schedules for their employees, regardless of their nationalities," he said.

The governors of each province, as well as Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, have been tasked with organising the nationwide vaccination rollout, the spokesman said, adding foreigners are advised to check the details of vaccination venues issued by each province.

For example, hospitals have been designated in Bangkok, while Chiang Mai recently announced the launch of a website for foreign nationals in the province to register for their vaccines starting last Friday.

To meet the demands of the national vaccination drive, the government has procured jabs from Sinovac and AstraZeneca.

The aim is to vaccinate 70% of the population by 2021, and everyone else by 2022, he said.

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  • designated: chosen for a duty - แต่งตั้งให้เป็น
  • diplomat: an official whose job is to represent their government in a foreign country - นักการทูต
  • herd immunity: when most of a population is immune to an infectious disease -
  • immunity: protected from a disease naturally by the body - ภูมิคุ้มกันโรค, ภูมิต้านทานโรค
  • jab: a vaccination - การฉีดวัคซีน
  • liaise (verb): to work closely with somebody and exchange information with them; to act as a link between two or more people or groups - ประสานงานระหว่าง, ติดต่อระหว่าง
  • migrant worker: someone who travels to another place or country in order to find work - คนงานต่างถิ่น
  • national: a citizen of a particular country - ประชาชน
  • procure: to buy supplies or equipment for a government department or company - จัดซื้อวัสดุ เครื่องมือสำหรับบริษัท หรือหน่วยงานของรัฐ
  • registration: the process of recording names or information on an official list - การขึ้นทะเบียน, การลงทะเบียน
  • roll-out (noun): an occasion when a company introduces or starts to use a new product - การนำ(สินค้า ฯลฯ) ออกส่สายตาประชาชนเป็นครั้งแรก
  • spouses (noun): husbands or wives - คู่สมรส
  • urge: to advise someone very strongly about what action or attitude they should take - ผลักดัน, กระตุ้น
  • vaccination (noun): giving someone a vaccine, usually by injection to prevent them from getting a disease - การฉีดวัคซีน
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