Free condoms at gay nightspots

Free condoms at gay nightspots

30% of the 10,097 new HIV cases expected this year will be gay men, Condom Points at nightspots will hand out free condoms.

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HEALTH: Condoms to be given out at gay nightspots by Apiradee Treerutkuarkul

Health authorities will set up "Condom Points" to dispense free condoms at entertainment venues frequented by gay men in a bid to reduce risky sexual behaviour and the transmission of HIV/Aids.

Under the pilot project, purple plastic boxes filled with 300 condoms of different sizes and lubricant gel packs will be installed at entertainment spots targeting men who have sex with men (MSM) such as discos, karaoke bars, fitness centres, saunas and beauty salons.

The project is part of a national Aids prevention plan among this particular group.

HIV surveillance data indicates a high HIV transmission rate among MSM in Thailand due to unsafe sex. Of the estimated 10,097 new HIV cases expected this year, 30% would involve men having sex with men, according to the Public Health Ministry.

"If we don't come up with any prevention plan, this MSM group could account for half the total new cases in the country in the next 14 years," said Public Health permanent secretary Paijit Warachit.

So far operators of 188 entertainment nightspots in 30 provinces including Chiang Mai, Chon Buri and Phuket have agreed to participate.

Dr Paijit said the Condom Point programme is planned to cover entertainment spots nationwide by next year

An estimated 2.5 million baht in funding was allocated for the Condom Point project this year

Aids experts will monitor the project over the next five years, he said.

Kittinan Thammatat, chairman of the gay rights advocacy group Thai Rainbow Club, believed the Condom Point project would allow young, sexually active MSM better access to condoms, regarded as an effective tool to prevent the transmission of HIV/Aids and other sexually-transmitted diseases such as syphilis and hepatitis.

Mr Kittinan also called on policymakers to work with companies to lower the price of condoms. A pack of condoms costs 40-50 baht and this is considered expensive by teenagers whether they are gay or straight

A study by the Thai Red Cross's Aids Research Centre and Chulalongkorn University's faculty of medicine on 11,658 MSM who visited its clinic between January 2009 and July 2010 found a spike in syphilis transmission among them as well. The study reflected the need for a better prevention plan for sexually transmitted diseases among this group

Speaking during the 13th National Aids Conference, Phusit Prakongsai, International Health Policy Programme director, said national investment in such a high-burden disease as Aids was still insufficient.

Less than 1% of the country's gross domestic product was spent on HIV/Aids although the disease affected patients' quality of life.

In addition, only 5% of the total 300 billion baht spent on the universal healthcare scheme is earmarked for health prevention in general.

Mr Phusit believed more money should be spent on Aids and prevention campaigns to solve the problem in both the public health and social dimensions.

(Source: Bangkok Post, HEALTH, Condoms to be given out at gay nightspots, 31/03/2011, Apiradee Treerutkuarkul, link

condom - a latex cover put on a man's erect penis to block ejaculated semen from entering the body of his sex partner, used to reduce the probability of pregnancy and spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs—such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV) (See Wikipedia)

venues - places where events happen สถานนี่จัดงาน
entertainment venues - places where people go for entertainment (bars, pubs, movie theatres, discos, dance places, etc)
entertainment spot - same as an "entertainment venue"
gay nightspots - entertainment places for gay people such as bars, that are only open at night

authorities - government officials, the police or people in official organisations who have the legal power to make people obey laws or rules เจ้าหน้าที่ (ตำรวจ หรือผู้มีอำนาจ)

X frequented by Y -
lots of people in group Y go to place X  
bid - an attempt to do something ความพยายาม
risky - involving the possibility of danger, harm or failure เสี่ยงอันตราย
transmission - the spreading of a disease from one person or animal to another การแพร่เชื้อ

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the virus that causes AIDS, passed from one person to the other through infected blood and body fluids, that causes immune system failure and debilitation, "while there is no cure for HIV, it can be treated with medications aimed at slowing the replication of the virus in the body"(See Wikipedia)

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, "a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles,"  caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)" (See Wikipedia)

pilot - a small test of a new idea or product or idea before introducing it everywhere
lubricant gel -

men who have sex with men (MSM) - the word for "gay man" as used in medical and social research,  "male persons who engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex, regardless of how they identify themselves; many men choose not to (or cannot for other reasons) accept social identities of gay or bisexual. The term was created in the 1990s by epidemiologists in order to study the spread of disease among men who have sex with men, regardless of identity" (See Wikipedia)

targeting - directing advertising, a product or a message at some group of people เล็งไปที่
national - for the whole country
prevention - the act of preventing something, or things that people do in order to prevent something

surveillance - the process of carefully watching people and what they การเฝ้าตรวจตราอย่างเข้มงวด
data - facts or information used for making calculations or decisions ข้อมูล

- the level or speed at which something happens or changes, or the amount or number of times it happens or changes in a particular period อัตรา
infection - when the body is invaded by disease causing microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria (often because it is transmitted from one person to another person) (See Wikipedia)
infection rate -
disease transmission -
the passing of a disease from one person to another disease through some "route of infection" such as coughing or sneezing on another person, touching an infected person or having sexual contact with the other person, contact with contaminated soil, through the air or contaminated food or water (See Wikipedia and also here)
disease transmission rate - the likelihood of a disease passing from one person to another under certain conditions (for HIV conditions and factors such as sores, inflammation, pregnancy can increase the transmission rate) 

safe sex -
"sexual activity engaged in by people who have taken precautions to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as AIDS" (See Wikipedia)
unsafe sex - sex between people who do not protect themselves against disease

- believe will happen คาดว่า (จะเกิดขึ้น)
come up with - create (something new, that requires education)
operators - businesses doing this business
participate - to take part in or become involved in an activity มีส่วน

nationwide - throughout the whole country ทั่วทั้งประเทศ
funding - money given for a particular purpose, to support a project and pay for its operation การให้เงินสนับสนุน
allocated - given for a special purpose or use
monitor - watch and check a process over a period of time, to make sure that it is successful and there are no problems, to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening ตรวจสอบ ตรวจตรา เฝ้าดู จับตาดู

rights - something you are legally or morally allowed to do or have (See Wikipedia) สิทธิ์
advocacy - helping people defend their rights
sexually active - having sex with people (opposite: celibate = not having sex with people)
access - the ability to get something สิทธิหรือโอกาสในการใช้
effective - works well, gets the job done, producing the result that was intended ได้ผลดี
disease transmitted from X to Y - when person Y gets the disease from X 

disease (STD) - a disease that people get through sex with a carrier of the disease, also known as a "venereal disease" (See Wikipedia)
syphilis - a curable STD that affects both men and women, "initially causes sores on the vagina, penis, anus, mouth, or lips. These sores will heal by themselves, but untreated syphilis can lead to advanced stages that can damage the heart and nervous system and can lead to death" (See Wikipedia)
hepatitis -
"an inflammation of the liver caused by certain viruses [some of them spread through sex] and other factors such as alcohol abuse, some medications and trauma. Although many cases of hepatitis are not a serious threat to health, the disease can become chronic and can sometimes lead to liver failure and death" (See Wikipedia)
inflammation - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat (See Wikipedia)

faculty - a group of departments in a college which specialize in a particular subject or group of subjects คณะ
spike - a sudden increase
investment - taking your money and putting it into projects to make a profit or earn interest (buying stock shares, bonds, real estate)
burden - a difficult responsibility, a difficult thing that must be done, a heavy load to carry (See glossary) ภาระ
high-burden disease -  a disease that costs a lot to take care of, that uses a lot of society's resources
insufficient - not sufficient, not enough ไม่พอ

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - the total monetary value of all goods and services produced domestically by a country. It includes income earned domestically by foreigners, but does not include income earned by domestic residents on foreign ground (See Wikipedia and Google Definitions)
universal - involving everyone ทั่วไป
healthcare - the treatment and prevention of diseases and other medical problems
scheme - a plan that is developed by a government or large organisation in order to provide a particular service for people แผนการ โครงการ

earmarked - set aside to be used for a special purpose or programme
universal healthcare scheme - also known as the "30 baht" healthcare scheme, that provides medical treatment to every person
health prevention - meaning perhaps "disease prevention"

campaigns - a long series of events staged to achieve a goal or to promote something (for example, an "anti-smoking campaign")
dimensions - one part or aspect of a situation or thing

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