PM calls Lazada ad 'unacceptable'

PM calls Lazada ad 'unacceptable'

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha speaks to reporters at Government House on Tuesday. (Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool)
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha speaks to reporters at Government House on Tuesday. (Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has slammed a controversial online promotion for Lazada that some people regarded as being offensive to the monarchy as "unacceptable".

Speaking to reporters at Government House on Tuesday, Gen Prayut said: ''Is that the right thing? Can we accept it? Can the media accept it? If you can't, neither can I. Then, let the law take its course.''

The Minister of Digital Economy and Society said he had instructed related agencies to gather evidence from all online platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in order to request the 42 URLs identified so far be taken down.

Those platforms have been asked to remove or block access, he said, adding the ministry would seek court orders if the platforms refuse to cooperate.

Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of an activist group, on Tuesday lodged a complaint, asking for legal action against all parties involved in the video ad.

Transgender influencer Aniwat Prathumthin, better known by her online alias of Nara Crepe Katoey, was contacted by media agency Intersect Design Factory Co to perform in the ad, which was shown on her TikTok account.

The video features Nara and a wheelchair-bound woman, identified as Thidarat Chaokuwiang, joking with each other.

The online advert drew fierce criticism from many netizens, who saw them as mocking the disabled.

Some also believed the outfit worn by the disabled character was an oblique reference to the royal family.

On Monday, the army chief issued an order prohibiting all troops, units and organisations under his command from buying products sold through Lazada's online platform.


  • accept: to agree to or approve of something - ยอมรับ
  • activist: someone who takes part in activities that are intended to achieve political or social change, especially someone who is a member of an organisation - นักกิจกรรม
  • complaint: when someone says that something is wrong or not satisfactory - การบ่น, ข้อที่ไม่พอใจ
  • controversial: causing disagreement or disapproval - ความไม่ลงรอยกัน
  • criticism: comments that show that you think something is wrong or bad - การวิจารณ์
  • disabled: having a condition, especially a physical one, that limits your activities in some way - พิการ
  • gather: to search for and find things that you need or want - รวบรวม
  • influencer (noun): a person who influencers, i.e., a person who has the power to make somebody/something behave in a particular way - คนที่มีอิทธิพล
  • mocking: when you laugh at someone or something in an unkind way - หัวเราะเยาะ, เย้ยหยัน
  • monarchy (noun): the king or queen of a country and their family - ราชวงศ์, พระบรมวงศานุวงศ์
  • obliquely: not expressed or done in a direct way - อย่างอ้อมๆ, อย่างไม่ตรง
  • platform (noun): a type of media or way of distributing information , e.g., websites, newspapers, magazines, video, etc. -
  • prohibit: to not allow; to ban - ห้าม
  • slam: to strongly criticise someone or something - วิพากษ์วิจารณ์อย่างรุนแรง
  • unacceptable: that you cannot accept, allow or approve of - ซึ่งไม่สามารถยอมรับได้
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