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MPs uneasy with Thaksin

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A group of northeastern MPs appear to believe Thaksin may not be as popular with their constituents as many people think.

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Thaksin faces party rebellion

Faction nervous about ex-PM's red shirt ties

Aekarach Sattaburuth and Wassana Nanuam

Thaksin: Asked not to phone in

Puea Thai de facto leader Thaksin Shinawatra is facing a rebellion by the party's northeastern MPs, who say his close ties to the red shirts is alienating voters.

About 40 Puea Thai MPs have banded together to ask the former prime minister to stay out of the party's election campaign, a party source said yesterday.

The group, which comprises mostly MPs from the Northeast, said Thaksin's ties to the red shirts could cost the party support.

The party was closely allied to the red-shirted United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, which held a rally on April 10 at which leaders criticised the monarchy.

The party had decided to campaign on the slogan "Thaksin". But in the wake of a government campaign to portray the red shirts as disloyal to the monarchy, some party MPs are urging Thaksin to keep his distance.

Their concerns were heightened by the abrupt resignation of former prime minister Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh as a party member.

Gen Chavalit resigned because he was unable to correct public concerns about the party's stance on the monarchy, an aide said on Tuesday.

Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha last week ordered the Judge Advocate-General Department to file lese majeste charges against three red shirt leaders who spoke at the rally.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he wanted the Election Commission to issue regulations banning politicians from mentioning the monarchy in political debates.

The Puea Thai source said Thaksin's association with the red shirt movement had unnerved MPs, who face a growing backlash from voters questioning the party's loyalty.

Even though Thaksin had barred party candidates from addressing red shirt rallies, some hard-core red shirts accused of insulting the monarchy are placed high on Puea Thai's party list.

"We want the party to keep its distance from the red shirts. We want them to think about the consequences if the party is embroiled any further in this debate.

"Thaksin and hard-core red shirts can't seek to please themselves at the party's expense," said the source.

This group also disagreed with Thaksin's plan to phone in to supporters during the announcement of the party's campaign platform and electoral candidates on Saturday.

The group was asking those who plan to meet Thaksin at his Dubai home to bring up the matter, said the source.

However, Pichai Nariptaphan, a member of Puea Thai's economic team, said Thaksin's phone-in should be good for the party.

Mr Pichai, who has just returned from visiting Thaksin, said Gen Chavalit's exit from the party was not bothering the ex-premier.

"He even said it is a blessing for the party. Gen Chavalit wants to be prime minister, and when things don't go the way he plans, he has to find a way out," Mr Pichai said.

He said Thaksin had alienated Pracharaj leader Sanoh Thienthong, who is considering dissolving his party and joining Puea Thai.

Quoting Thaksin, he said Mr Sanoh's presence could be disruptive.

"Mr Sanoh loves setting up factions. And he is taking in MPs from Suwit Khunkitti's faction. That will bring more trouble," he said.

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face – to (likely or possibly) have to deal with a problem เผชิญ, พบ, เจอ
rebellion – an attempt to remove or oppose a leader  การก่อการกบถ
faction – a small group within a larger group กลุ่มย่อยๆ
nervous – anxious about something or afraid of something กระวนกระวาย
ties – relations; connections ความสัมพันธ์
de facto – in reality;  in fact อย่างแท้จริง, อันที่จริง, ตามความจริง
alienate – to make somebody less friendly or sympathetic towards you; to make somebody feel that they do not belong in a particular group ทำให้เหินห่าง, ทำให้แตกแยก, เมินหมาง, ไม่เป็นมิตร
band together – to join together รวมตัวกัน
campaign – a planned series of activities designed to persuade voters to vote for a particular candidate or political party การรณรงค์หาสียง
source – someone who gives information แหล่งข่าว
comprise – to consist or be made up of two or more things ประกอบด้วย
allied – connected with something ซึ่งมีความสัมพันธ์กัน
United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) – the group originally formed to demonstrate against the 2006 coup and which supported the Somchai Wongsawat government against the PAD and which is now leading the fight against the current government. They are known for wearing red shirts แนวร่วมประชาธิปไตยต่อต้านเผด็จการแห่งชาต
rally – a large public gathering of people to support someone or to protest against something การชุมนุม
criticise – to say that you disapprove of somebody/something; to say what you do not like or think is wrong about somebody/something วิจารณ์, ติเตียน,จับผิด
the monarchy – the royal institution (higher institution); the throne; the crown ระบอบประชาธิปไตยอันมีพระมหากษัตริย์เป็นประมุข
slogan – a short easily remembered phrase, especially one used to advertise an idea or a product สโลแกน
in the wake of – happening after an event or as a result of it  สืบเนื่องมาจาก
campaign – a series of actions intended to produce political or social change การรณรงค์, การกระทำการหรือวางแผนเพื่อให้บรรลุตามเป้าหมาย
portray – to represent or describe someone or something พรรณนา
disloyal – not loyal; not willing to support, work for, or be a friend to someone, even in difficult times  ไม่จงรักภักดี ไม่ซื่อสัตย์
urge – to advise someone very strongly about what action or attitude they should take ผลักดัน, กระตุ้น
concern – a worry ความกังวล
heighten – (of emotions) to cause to become stronger เพิ่ม, ทำให้แข็งแรงขึ้น,ทำให้สำคัญขึ้น
abrupt – sudden and unexpected, and often unpleasant อย่างกะทันหัน
resignation – the act of leaving a job permanently ลาออกจากตำแหน่ง
stance – an attitude or view about an issue that you state clearly; position จุดยืน
aide – someone whose job is to help another person in their work ผู้ช่วย
Judge Advocate General Department – the army department in charge of legal matters  กรมพระธรรมนูญ
file – to take official action like making a complaint  ยื่นคำร้อง
lese majeste – the crime of offending, threatening or showing disrespect for a member of the royal family หมิ่นพระบรมเดชานุภาพ
charge – an official statement accusing someone of committing a crime ข้อหา
issue – to announce something officially ออกประกาศ
regulation – an official rule that controls the way that things are done กฎระเบียบ
ban – to officially say that someone is not allowed to do something   ห้ามอย่างเป็นทางการ
association – a connection between two things การเชื่อมติดกัน
movement – a group of people who share the same aim and work together to achieve it การเคลื่อนไหวเพื่อวัตถุประสงค์ทางการเมือง
unnerve – to make somebody feel nervous or frightened or lose confidence  ทำให้ตกใจ, ทำให้เสียขวัญ
backlash –a strong negative and often angry reaction to something that has happened การสะท้อนกลับอย่างรุนแรง
loyalty – support that you always give to someone or something because of your feelings of duty and love towards them  ความจงรักภักดี
bar – to say that something must not happen ห้าม
candidate – a person who is trying to be elected ผู้สมัครรับเลือกตั้ง
address – to speak publicly to a group of people  กล่าวปราศรัย
hard-core – of people who have extreme ideas and who are not likely to change them ยึดมั่นในหลักการ
insult – to say or do something to someone that is rude or offensive พูดแดกดัน, พูดจาบจ้วง
proportional representation (party list) system – a system that gives each party in an election a number of seats in relation to the number of votes its candidates receive ระบบสัดส่วน, ระบบปาร์ตี้ลิสต์
consequences – results of effects of something ผลที่ตามมา
embroiled – involved in a difficult situation พัวพันอยู่ใน
at the expense – with loss or damage to somebody/something
platform; manifesto – the aims of a political party and the things they say they will do if they win an election นโยบาย
matter – a situation or subject which is being dealt with or considered เรื่อง, ภารกิจ, งาน
exit – leaving การออก
bother – to make someone feel worried or upset ทำให้รำคาญ, ทำให้วิตกกังวล
blessing – something that is good or helpful สิ่งทำให้โชคดีหรือมีความสุข
dissolve – to official end as a group ยุบ(พรรค)
presence – the fact of being in a particular place, thing or situation การเข้าร่วม, การมีอยู่
disruptive – causing difficulties that interrupt something or prevent it from functioning normally ที่แตกแยก


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