PM: bad cops 'must go'

PM: bad cops 'must go'

Charlene An (photo from her Instagram account)
Charlene An (photo from her Instagram account)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has insisted that any police officers involved in extorting money from a Taiwanese actress during her trip to Thailand early this month must face legal action.

Prayut said any problem involving police extorting money from tourists must be fixed and rogue officers punished.

"There are still a lot of decent police officers, but we must get rid of rogue ones,'' the prime minister said.

The actress, Charlene An, complained via social media that she was stopped by police at about 1am on Jan 4. She claimed she was kept there for two hours, and finally learned she had to pay for her freedom. She said she paid 27,000 baht and was freed.

The national police chief apologised to people affected by the actions of police on duty at the time.

Police investigators may go to Taiwan and Singapore to question people involved, he said.

He said police involved in the alleged extortion admitted only to their failure to charge the actress for having an illegal vaping device. However, the officers denied they extorted 27,000 baht in exchange for her freedom on Jan 4.

A source said 14 officers were questioned over the case on Monday, and all denied taking bribes.

Seven officers at Huai Khwang station were transferred to inactive posts.

The actress posted on her Instagram account on Tuesday, expressing her gratitude to those who had given her encouragement, support and care "to help me walk through this moment of traumatic darkness".


  • apologise: to say you are sorry for doing something wrong or for causing a problem - ขอโทษ
  • bribe: money or a present given to someone so that they will help you doing something dishonest or illegal - สินบน
  • decent: of a good enough standard or quality - เหมาะสม
  • denied (verb): said that something is not true or did not happen - ปฏิเสธ
  • extort: to try to illegally obtain something by force or threat - รีดไถ
  • extortion: the crime of trying to obtain something by force or threat - การขู่กรรโชก  รีดไถ
  • failure: the fact of something not working or stopping working -
  • get rid of: to remove something that is causing a problem; to throw something away - กำจัดหรือขจัดให้หมดไป
  • gratitude: a feeling of being grateful to someone because they have given you something or have done something for you - ความรู้สึกขอบคุณ
  • inactive post: a job or position with no real responsibilities or duties -
  • on duty: working at a particular time - อยู่ในหน้าที่
  • punish: to make somebody suffer because they have broken the law or done something wrong - ทำโทษ
  • rogue: behaving in an unusual and possibly dangerous way - ที่น่าสงสัยว่าจะก่อให้เกิดอันตราย
  • traumatic: making you feel very upset, afraid, or shocked - ซึ่งบอบช้ำทางจิตใจ
  • vape (n): a device used for inhaling vapour containing nicotine and flavoring -
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