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Bangkok survives -- we hope (updated)

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As a fleet of tugboats tries to speed up the flow of river water into the sea, Bangkok has been declared largely safe. Officials are now worried, however, after the flooding of a nearby industrial estate.

Note: While the overall flood situation has definitely improved and inner city areas of Bangkok have escaped major flooding, serious problems remain in the northern and eastern parts of the city, partially as the result of actions by angry communities to rid their areas of flood water. This graphic shows the areas still at risk of serious inundation. As always, you can discuss our stories on our increasingly active Facebook page:

Evening update

After the flooding  of the Navanakorn industrial estate and the continued inundation of areas to the north and east of the city, the situation seems far worse than it did this morning. It looks like the words from officials at the Flood Relief Operations Centre about the situation in Bangkok were a bit too optimistic.

The inner city may still not flood, but that depends on the outer floods walls that are constantly being reinforced. A lot of water is still coming into to the city and if a major embankment or sluice gate breaks, much of Bangkok could be flooded through the cities elaborate system of drainage pipes.

Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra said on television this evening that he had ordered additional sandbags piled on top of the existing embankments, but he also could not guarantee they will hold. “If it comes, it comes,” he said of the flood.

industrial estate – an area of land where industrial companies have their buildings นิคมอุตสาหกรรม
inundation – flooding น้ำท่วม
Flood Relief Operations Centre – the government's centre for assisting flood victims ศูนย์ปฎิบัติการช่วยเหลือผู้ประสบอุทกภัย(ศปภ)
optimistic – expecting good things to happen or to be successful โดยคาดหวังสิ่งที่ดี, มองโลกในแง่ดี
constantly – continuously; all the time อย่างต่อเนื่อง
reinforced – made stronger เสริมให้แข็งแรงขึ้น
embankment – a slope made of earth or stone that rises up from either side of a road, railway/railroad, river, etc. มูลดิน,ตลิ่งทาง
sluice gate – a gate that can be opened or closed to control the flow water along a passage ประตูน้ำปิดเปิดบังคับการไหลของน้ำในคลอง
elaborate – containing a lot of careful detail or many detailed parts ซับซ้อน,ละเอียด
drainage – the system of water or waste liquids flowing away from somewhere into the ground or down pipes การระบายน้ำ

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Capital declared safe

Water runoff from North flows past city

Bangkok is safe, with the much-feared mass of water runoff from the North having moved past the capital, flood prevention agencies say.

The overall flood problem shows signs of easing, the government's flood relief centre announced yesterday. Most parts of Bangkok would definitely not be flooded, it added.

Tug boats are moored near the Phra Nangklao Bridge in Nonthaburi. They will join hundreds of boats of all sizes in an operation to push flood water into the sea. PATIPAT JANTHONG

Some low-lying areas to the east of the capital which are outside of flood protective barriers may experience rising water, but the flooding is being contained, says the Royal Irrigation Department.

Affected areas include Klong Sam Wa, Lat Krabang, Min Buri and Nong Chok districts.

But for the rest of Bangkok, residents could rest assured.

The biggest bulk of accumulated water from upstream provinces had flowed past the capital and emptied into the sea, said Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Theera Wongsamut.

He said the RID had forecast the mass of water would reach Bangkok on the weekend.

At its peak on Saturday, the water level of the Chao Phraya River measured 2.29 metres, one centimetre below what the RID had predicted, at the Memorial Bridge.

Flood water in other provinces will stabilise and gradually recede, he said.

Yongsak Kongmak, of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, said flooding within flood-protected localities of Bangkok was the result of collected rainwater, not the northern water run-off.

Bangkok has high-capacity sluice gates to control the ebb and flow of water during high tide.

The 6km flood barrier along Khlong Hok Wa Sailang, which serves as the main defence for northernmost districts of Don Muang and Sai Mai, has been rebuilt.

It was reported that the northern and eastern districts of Bangkok were particularly vulnerable to advancing water from Ayutthaya which has submerged communities and several industrial estates there.

People crowd the government’s flood relief centre to help pack donated items at Don Mueang airport yesterday. APICHIT JINAKUL

RID chief Chalit Damrongsak said yesterday the worst was over. But he cautioned that even though the water mass had drained into the sea, the water would not instantly disappear.

This was because much of the water flooding the fields in some of Bangkok's surrounding provinces would slowly flow into the Chao Phraya River.

Authorities are watching water from the flood-crippled Rojana and Hi-Tech industrial estates, fearing that it might overflow onto the Friendship highway in Bang Pa-in district of Ayutthaya.

He thanked local residents for letting the RID divert excess water through sluice gates in Khlong Pad and Khlong Sib even though the operation subjected them to the nuisance of lingering flood waters.

By doing so, the water would be pushed into the sea through rivers and canals in the eastern provinces, averting Bangkok.

The RID will deploy more water pumps at the Chulalongkorn sluice gate, one of the crucial points of water management efforts.

A substantial amount of water will also be channelled through the nearby Chiang Rak Noi sluice gate.

Mr Chalit said the next high tide was expected towards the end of the month. Embankments of sand bags and barriers will be strengthened where necessary and he urged residents not to remove the bags in the belief that doing so would hasten drainage in their neighbourhoods.

Mr Theera, meanwhile, said major upstream dams such as the Bhumibol in Tak, Sirikit in Uttaradit and Pasak Jolasid in Lop Buri were discharging significantly less water, meaning no more flood water was being retained in the North that could threaten downstream provinces.

overall – total; including all the things or people that are involved in a particular situation; general  ทั้งหมด
improve – to get better  ดีขึ้น
community – the people living in one particular area ชุมชน
at risk – in danger ตกอยู่ในความเสี่ยง
inundation – flooding น้ำท่วม
capital – the most important town or city of a country, usually where the central government operates from  เมืองหลวง
declare – to announce officially that something is true or happening ประกาศ ยืนยัน
runoff – rain, water or other liquid that runs off land into streams and rivers น้ำหลาก
mass – large amounts or numbers ปริมาณมาก จำนวนมาก
prevention – preventing something bad from happening การป้องกันภ้ย
ease – to make a problem, situation or pain less severe or serious บรรเทา
flood relief centre (Flood Relief Operations Centre) – the government's centre for assisting flood victims ศูนย์ปฎิบัติการช่วยเหลือผู้ประสบอุทกภัย(ศปภ)
definitely – in a way that is certain or that shows that you are certain อย่างแน่นอน
tugboat – a small powerful boat used for pulling larger boats, especially in ports  เรือโยง, เรือลาก
moor – to attach a boat, ship, etc. to a fixed object or to the land with a rope, or anchor it  ผูกเรือ, จอดเรือ
operation – an activity which is planned to achieve something การดำเนินการ
barrier – a wall, pile of sandbags, etc., that prevents water from entering สิ่งกีดขวาง
contain – to prevent from spreading; to keep within limits จำกัด,ควบคุมไว้
irrigation – the process of bringing water to land through a system of pipes, ditches, etc. in order to make crops grow ระบบชลประทาน
Royal Irrigation Department – The Thai government department in charge of the country's irrigation system กรมชลประทาน
residents – people who live in a particular area ประชาชนที่อาศัยในท้องที่
rest assured – to (cause to) be certain that something is true or will definitely happen ทำให้แน่ใจ, มั่นใจ
bulk (of something) – the majority or largest part of something ส่วนที่ใหญ่กว่าหรือมากกว่า
accumulate – to get more and more of something over a period of time สั่งสมมานาน
upstream –along a river, in the opposite direction to which the river is flowing ต้นน้ำ
flow – (of a liquid) to move continuously in one direction ไหล
cooperatives – a farm or business owned and run by the people involved, with the profits shared by them สมาคมสหกรณ์
forecast – to a statement about what will happen in the future based on information available now พยากรณ์
peak – to reach the highest amount or level, before becoming lower ขึ้นจนถึงจุดสุดยอด
level – the amount of liquid that there is in a container, river, dam, etc., which can be seen by how high the liquid is ระดับ
predict – to say that an event or action will happen in the future, especially as a result of knowledge or experience คาดการณ์ว่า พยากรณ์จากสถิติว่า
stabilise – to reach a state where there are no longer any major changes or problems  ทำให้มีเสถียรภาพ
gradually – slowly and in small stages or amounts อย่างทีละน้อย
recede – to move back; to move further away into the distance; subside ลดลง, ถอยหลัง
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) – the local government of Bangkok กรุงเทพมหานคร
locality – a particular area or district สถานที่, ถิ่นที่อยู่
capacity – the ability to do a particular thing ความสามารถ,สมรรถภาพ
sluice gate – a gate that can be opened or closed to control the flow water along a passage ประตูน้ำปิดเปิดบังคับการไหลของน้ำในคลอง
ebb and flow – the repeated, often regular, movement from one state to another; the repeated change in level, numbers or amount  การขึ้นลง
tide – the regular rise and fall of the level of the sea (the tides) ปรากฏการณ์น้ำขึ้นน้ำลง, กระแสน้ำขึ้นน้ำลง
defence – protecting somebody/something การป้องกัน, การต้าน
particularly – especially, or more than usual โดยเฉพาะ
vulnerable – easily damaged or harmed ซึ่งถูกทำลายได้ง่าย
submerged – under water  จมน้ำ อยู่ใต้น้ำ
industrial estate – an area of land where industrial companies have their buildings นิคมอุตสาหกรรม
donate – to give something such as money or goods to an organisation, especially to a charity, school, political party, etc. บริจาค
caution – to warn; to tell someone about a danger or problem that they need to know about or avoid เตือน
drain – to cause water or fluid to flow out ระบายออก
instantly – immediately ทันที
disappear – to move something or someone somewhere where they can no longer be seen หายไป, สาบสูญ, สูญหาย
surrounding – all around a place  บริเวณรอบๆ
authorities – people who have the power to make decisions or enforce the law เจ้าหน้าที่ผู้มีอำนาจ
crippled – damaged and prevented from working properly ที่พัง ที่ใช้การไม่ได้
overflow – (of a river or body of water)  to flood the land next to it ไหลล้น
divert – to cause something to change direction เบนเส้นทางเดินน้ำ
excess – greater than is usual; too much of something   มากเกินปริมาณที่พอดี
subject to – affected by ได้รับผล
nuisance – something that is annoying and is a continuing problem การรบกวน, การทำให้รำคาญ
lingering – lasting a long time อย่างอ้อยอิ่ง
avert – to prevent something bad or harmful from happening ป้องกันไม่ให้เกิด
deploy – to put in place ready for use นำมาใช้
crucial – extremely important because it effects the result of something สำคัญยิ่ง
substantial – large in size, value or importance มากมาย, ยิ่งใหญ่, สำคัญ
channel – to carry or send water, light, etc. through a passage ทำให้ไหลไปตามช่อง
embankment – a slope made of earth or stone that rises up from either side of a road, railway/railroad, river, etc. มูลดิน,ตลิ่งทาง
urge – to advise someone very strongly about what action or attitude they should take ผลักดัน, กระตุ้น
hasten – to make something happen sooner or more quickly เร่งมือ
meanwhile – at the same time ในเวลาเดียวกัน
discharge – to let a liquid flow out ปล่อยออก, ขับออก
retain – to keep, continue to have, or to store something เก็บไว้
threaten – to be likely to harm or destroy something เป็นลางร้าย
downstream – in the direction that a river or stream is flowing ตามกระแสน้ำ


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