Thais favour changing jobs

Thais favour changing jobs

The survey involved about 170,000 people in 30 countries, including Thailand. It examined issues of job mobility and career progression as part of a shift to a more autonomous and empowered workforce.

The survey reflects a changing attitude from workers, with more seeking to gain new experience and skills with multiple employers, the report said.

The trend in Thailand is the same as thew global trend, in which exactly 53% of respondents favoured changing employers as the best way to advance their career.

Wanna Assavakarint, managing director of Kelly Services Thailand, said 81% of respondents in Thailand were of the view that multiple employers was definitely an asset in their career development, higher than the global average of 70%.

More than a third (35%) said they actively look for a new job, even when happy in their current one.

Three-quarters of Thai respondents believed that if they changed jobs, they would be in a good bargaining position to secure a similar or better position.

"Employers face the reality that even happy workers are actively planning for the next step in their career and that many workers are seeing the advantages of wider employment experiences with a more diverse range of organisations," Ms Wanna said.

She added that employers need to consider ways to improve their development and promotional programmes so that employees think twice before switching employers.

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